Possible color of Irish Terriers

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hermosa princesa
Barked: Mon Jul 27, '09 4:58pm PST 
Hello! I rescued a 6-7 month old puppy off the street a week and a half ago and have been trying desperately to figure out what breed it is. While I don't have a foto of it yet (because someone stole my camara!!) I'd like to give a description. After LOTS of studying on the internet I've come to the odd conclusion that it is and Irish Terrier. Every picture I've looked at of them is identical to this puppy EXCEPT his colors. Everything I read says that they are eithr all red or wheaten or grayish. This pup has about three colors: a darkish brown/black on his back peppered with a tan color and a white patch under his chin. He's got that beard and the bushy eyebrows going on, the triangle ears folded over and the long front legs and strong back legs. Basically he looks like the dog from lady and the tramp but with different colors. Anyhow, he's unlike any other street dog I've seen down here (I live in southern Mexico where pure breds are preferred almost 100- 1). I have three other dogs I've rescued from the streets here that are obviously mixed but I'm just wondering if it's possible for an Irish Terrier to be these colors. I'll post a picture as soon as I can. He may have escaped or been thrown out (very common here) because of his wrong color? Now that he is more healthy and I'm training him, his personality is coming out and I'm really enjoying him.

That's all! Thanks!