Could my girl be part Icie?

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Can I chase it?!
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Misty is a 1-y/o mix. I have NO idea what she's mixed with because she was a dog we rescued from next door and I don't know where they got her from. I saw a piece on Icie's in a magazine a few weeks ago and I was kind of shocked at how similar I thought the Icie's looked to Misty! She has the same coat type and the curled tail. She also has the same exact temperment that the magazine described. I was wondering if someone could give me some tips for raising a dog like and Icie and also if maybe anyone could peak at Misty's pics and give me their opinion. I really think she could be part Icie especially since she tries to herd the horses lol. Any comments would be enjoyed!

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Hi Misty wave
Aren't you a pretty dog!

I think I see German Shepherd and Norwegian Elkhound in her features. Misty is large for an Icie. There are few Icie's in the US, so smaller possibility for mixed breed dogs. I've been told there are similarities across the herding breeds as well as the Northern Spitz breeds.

Glad you saw the article. Fun to see Icies in a magazine. snoopy

Look for these traits when wondering if Misty is an Icie mix:
* Dewclaws - front (usually single) and back (doubles) - no dewclaws would be unusual
* Tail that curls onto the back
* Barking - very much a talking breed and will roust out birds
* Very affectionate
* Smiling - almost always, like a permanent natural smile

Lilliana is about 16 inches tall and weighs 24 lbs. I think she is on the small/light end of the Icie spectrum.

Here's a link the information on AKC: AKC - ISD

Hopefully others will chime in too. Let us know the results if you do the DNA test. I did one for Koda, my pound puppy. I don't think there's a test out there for doggie DNA that includes identification of an Icie... yet.

Can I chase it?!
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Thank you very much!
Misty has single dew claws on both fronts, but I'll have to double check her rear legs.
She does have the curly tail.
She's always smiling and just about the most enthusiastic dog I've ever met.
Thank you very much for your help!