Homemade recipies?

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.

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I've tried raw with my girl and she loved it. I tried everything they said to get her body adjusted to the change. The diarrhea goes away for a week or so then comes back. So, I think her stomach just doesn't like it. So, instead of switching back to kibble I'd like to try home cooked. Any one have any info or recipes?

Just an FYI I have successfully changed 6 other of my pets over to raw.

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Have you tried switching proteins? Maybe chicken is a problem. That is too bad, cooking is a lot more work. I have read that some dogs need up to 6 months to get used to raw and get fed skinned defatted chicken backs for weeks on end. Blah.

If I was forced to feed cooked food I would try out Lew Olson's low glycemic recipe. 3/4 meat/organ/egg/fish with 1/4 low calorie veggies. I would keep the organ amount about the same and use mostly red meat same as I do with raw. I need to use bone meal as a calcium source as otherwise Max would be low on phosphorus and also need to use 1000mg per the amount he eats rather than 900mg per pound because he doesn't eat a pound a day.

If you don't think it was a problem with chicken I would at least once attempt to make my own bone meal. Take a large chicken and simmer in a little water until done. Bone chicken and put bones back into the pot with more water and simmer until bones soften up. Some use a crockpot, some use a pressure cooker. I would estimate that bones from a 5 pound chicken to be 24 ounces raw and divide that mush into 24 portions for my particular dog. If she needs 1.6 ounces of bone for nutrition then divide the mush into 15 and so on. If your family eats bone in chicken you could easily save the bone and cook it soft if this works for you. Really like the idea of not wasting the bone. I wonder if it would be possible to reduce the amount of veggies fed if this was used as the protein is still present and not cooked off like it is in commercial bone meal.

I'd be saving clean veggy waste from my diet and adding in low calorie stuff like squash, celery and a little of the cabbage/broccoli type stuff and pureeing it as it comes along and store in the freezer. When I decide to cook I would get out a weighed amount of the veggy puree and probably 2x that in red meat, probably lean hamburger. The rest would be that stewed chicken, liver, canned fish and a couple eggs. Sizzle the hamburger and liver in the largest pan I have, add the veggy puree and simmer until done then add in the bone meal, egg, cooked chicken and fish. It is not a good idea to cook too much at one time as it gets to be really messy, stick to whatever fits in the largest pot you have. Then divide the mush into 3 days worth of food and freeze most of it.
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In home made foods, one thing must remember that your dog food must have the sufficient proteins to increasing the energy level of him/her.

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I hate all the commercial treats out there! My German Shepherd is loving me learning how to make home made treats. She gets to 'taste test' along the way! snoopy

I found this set of recipes which so far, have been fun to make on a boring sunday afteroon. smile Click Here!

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Great idear...