Homemade Dog Treat Recipes! Please Share!

This is the place to share your best homemade dog food and treat recipes with each other! Remember to use caution if your pet has allergies and to make any diet changes gradually so that your dog's stomach can adjust to the new foods you are introducing.

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Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Wed Feb 20, '13 2:32pm PST 
If you have any (healthy)homemade dog treat recipes, I'd love to see them!

I've recently found a love for making my own pet treats(rabbit, dog, etc), and find it to be a healthier choice than a lot of treats out there - and cheaper too! But only have two recipes right now that I'm going off of, and would love others.

So far, I know of Salmon Crack - which I intend to make tomorrow, and have a bunny treat recipe that I'll also be making tomorrow.

But any suggestions on anything, or if you've found anything your dogs like, etc.. Please share them here!

Always my angel.
Barked: Fri Mar 8, '13 2:18pm PST 
I don't have anything to add, but I thought I'd bump this up since I'm looking for the same thing! laugh out loud

I have a tendency to go through tons of training treats, especially in the first couple of months, so with new dog coming up I'm trying for some more economical options.

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Barked: Wed Apr 3, '13 1:32pm PST 
I've been making these lately http://www.love-my-puppy-dog.com/training-treats-recipe.html

I use the pizza slicer to make them nice & small for training. One note though, I left them a little soft (left them in the oven turned off for a few minutes) but if they are soft you need to refrigerate or freeze them b/c they will get moldy.

I also did some ground chicken mixed with canned pumpkin & a little garlic powder in the dehydrator that makes a good jerky like treat.

Haven't tried these yet but might make them this weekend (I figure the pizza slicer trick would work on most bone recipes to make some bite size treats)
ht tp://www.kingarthurflour.com/blog/2010/12/13/puppy-love-our-biscuit- taste-test/

Jake & Sweet- Caroline

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Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 12:26am PST 
Hey Charlie!

if you have a dehydrator you and pretty much dehydrate anything and make it into a dog treat. I've done liver, kidney, heart, pizzle. and even meat. I love making bark though. I make bark using sweet potato (.99lb) only need 2. and then i had some left over chicken i baked ( free) and i mix them in a bowl then spread on a speical plastic piece that goes in my dehydrator for making jerky or bark and then spear and dehydrate. Make's a healthy sweetpotato/ chicken or whatever meat you want jerky. Can be kept in fridge for about a week. My dogs went crazy for this stuff. big grin

If you have a juicer ( which i do and love) i juice applies and carrots and stuff for me. (keep only veggie your pup can eat) I drink the juice for me big grin and then mix the pulpy fiber extra * keep seeds, cores and stems out of your juicer* mix with an egg or two and flour (of your choosing) and make cookies. THey're healthy and they make my dogs happy without adding on the lbs.

Since jake as a gluten intolerance i use rice flour but any flour will do really big grin

OH!!! Another one. If your pup likes peanutbutter or cream cheese. You can mix that into your dough/egg mixture with or without the veggies until you get a taste you like.

Sorry i odn't have any measurements but i don't really measure anything. I just go by Feel of the dough when i make things like biscuits for me or for the dogs. Typically i take a human recipie and just throw out all the stuff the dogs cant eat and replace it with things they can't.

At one point i had made these delicious cream cheese and peanut butter scones. They were for jake but i ended up eating a lot of them myself for breakfast and snacks since it was just rice flour, egg, cream cheese and peanut butter. But man they were good big grin i've also made cookies and biscuits for them by just interchaning ingredients. I tend to make a lot of "Garbage biscuits" which is any thing they can eat i have going south in the fridge gets baked into cookies ;D

Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 7:10pm PST 
wow, that is a good idea, i like to dig in the recycling bin and see what my family has thrown away and add to the dogs food, but i think i will add it al to baked treats now lol.. thanks

Barked: Sun May 5, '13 4:23am PST 
I made the salmon treats!!! The dogs go nutz for them - frozen and defrosted! Thanks for the recipe! I'm going to try to make more homemade treats for them since its so easy. Any other favorites out there? I don't have a dehydrator or juicer though.

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Barked: Thu May 16, '13 6:26pm PST 
Heres a recipe I just made that I think was pretty successful. I'm thinking of using it for a dog bake sale I'm having at school next week so if you happen to use this some feedback would be great(my dog isn't particularly picky).

Liver Bread:

2 Cups of Tapioca Flour (or any other flour, but tapioca seemed like the healthiest choice to me)
1 lb of Liver(any kind)
1 Egg
1/2 cup of Water
1 tbsp of Baking Soda
1 tbsp of Baking Powder

-Preheat the oven to 350 F
-Boil a pot of water

-Mix everything except the liver.

-Boil liver, chop into small pieces, throw it in the blender or food processer until it's the consistency of chunky canned food.

-Stir it into the rest of the mix

-Pour mix evenly over a greased cookie sheet

-Bake for 15 minutes (or until it's a golden brown color).

-Take it out, let it cool for 15 minutes

-Cut it into however large pieces you want with a pizza cutter or knife.

Heres is the end result


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Barked: Wed May 22, '13 2:16pm PST 
I love to make Peanut Butter Banana treats for my girl ! These are so good that you will never go back to something else. Hey when I can eat them too you know they are good ! The recipe calls for all organic ingredients, but I substitute regular sztuff as I can't get fancy organics where I live. I did buy the treat bags they recommend so we can bring some over to our other dog friends ! The recipe is at the link below

http://doghousedirect.com/sharable-peanut-butter-banana-org anic-dog-cookies/

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Barked: Wed May 29, '13 1:38am PST 
Hi; here's something I make that my dog absolutely loves!

Combine 1 cup chickpea flour and 1 cup water, mix in a tablespoon each of stuff like cranberry powder, powdered fish (throw a couple of dried fish into a blender), and salmon oil. Cook over low heat, stirring constantly until the mixture becomes thick and pliable, like 15min. Roll out onto a baking sheet, let cook. cut into tiny bite-size pieces and bake at 375F for 30min.

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Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 6:05pm PST 
I just get boneless, skinless chicken breast and I slice it into strips. I lay it out on cookie sheets and bake it at around 250 degrees until it's a little dry, like jerky. It take about 1 to 1 1/2 hours. I put about 6 strips in freezer bags. I pull 1 bag at a time out of the freezer for treats. Koby goes bonkers over it.
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