Would this recipe be balanced?

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Hi dogster community,
Okay so I am shortly getting a Yorkshire Terrier puppy and am considering cooking for him. Would this be balanced? For a weeks food
6 cups of cooked brown rice
6 cups of chopped up steamed carrots
9 cups of meat mince
1 cup of beef liver
2 plain yoghurt
4 large eggs
Half a small cup of salmon oil
A small amount of cod liver oil

Then when it is ready to serve add Calcium.
Would that be balanced to feed?

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This amount of food would feed 38 pound Max for over 8 days. Probably be enough for your dog for a whole month!

Mix together, portion into convenient amounts and freeze most of
3 cups of cooked brown rice
3 cups of chopped up steamed carrots [or other veggies]
Plus cook before mixing with the rice and veggies and freezing
9 cups of meat mince [72 ounces]
1 cup of beef liver [8 ounces]
4 large eggs
This can be mixed in as it doesn't change with cooking and freezing.
4 measuring teaspoons of powdered egg shell

At time of serving mix in the amount of these two you need. Probably a single drop of salmon oil and a small spoonful of yogurt.
2 plain yoghurt 2x8 ounces]
1 measuring teaspoon salmon oil

All of those ingredients are very nice. Portion control is needed though. Dogs need mostly meat, cut the veggies and rice down to no more than 1/2 the total volume of the diet. 1/2 cup of salmon oil is a huge amount and you cannot mix it into the food and retain the omega 3 value. You can mix real fish in however, substitute some salmon, sardines or mackerel for the fish oil. You don't need cod liver oil at all as the liver provides the vitamin A and salmon oil provides the omega 3 and somewhere in there is oodles of vitamin D.