Recommend a everyday brush?

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Hi, I have a Belgian Malinois who loves to shed. She's short haired and I'm just looking for a good type of brush for a everyday maintenance. I have a furminator, but I don't like to use very often as to avoid damaging her skin. Can any recommend a product they like to use that can be safely used everyday?

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Barked: Fri Jul 11, '14 6:30am PST 
Just get a slicker brush. That's the one that looks like a bunch of blunted metal pins poked through a rubber mat. Slicker brushes pick up the hair that's already loose, whereas the furminator actively shaves the undercoat hairs with a blade at the base of the tines.

Slicker brushes are your basic everyday brush for long haired dogs. Short haired dogs, just use a silicon bristle mitt. There is a brand called "purebred" that makes the type of mitt you need.

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Actually for a short double coated dog like you have a rubber curry is one of the better options. It also doubles as a scrub brush when you wash your dog allowing you to get a better clean. Slicker's run the same risk as a furmanator of scratching and irritating the skin. For shedding season, depending on the length of coat you might look into either a rake or a mars coat king, which while designed for terrier coats work well for getting out undercoat safely

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Seconding a curry comb. Anything metal could irritate the skin if used daily.

You could try a shedding blade, if you're just going to do a quick once-over. I've seen them strip undercoat and cause irritation if overused, but they are very effective.