Shedding everywhere. Please help.

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My dog was thrown from a moving car downtown. I rescued him and followed the lady to a nearby restaurant. Turns out she paid a lot of money for a "Minnie Jack" ( a mix between a Min Pin and a JRT) that was supposed to be hypoallergenic or some other nonsense and she was angry that her daughters allergies were being bothered by the dog. Anyways I was told by the vet tech that he looked a lot like her Manchester. I wasn't looking for a dog at the time and intended to rehome him. My baby fell in love with him and she calls him her Bubba so I kept him.

I assumed short hair=little shedding. I was wrong. I could make a whole nother dog with the fur he leaves in his crate,on the couch,in the floor etc. We bathe him ,brush him but still he sheds everywhere. The vet says he is fine and he has his shots so it is not sick or nerves. I don't know what to do, we are besieged by dog hair. Help please. I have no way of knowing for sure what hid breed is so I don't know if he has a double coat or not but he has short hair.


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I would brush daily (maybe twice a day) with a curry type brush (like a zoom groom). Also consider the dog's diet. A poor diet will result in increased shedding. My guys are shedding big right now too -- it's just that time of year. Those short bristly hairs just get everywhere.

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Hello, what would help your dog to shed less would be a de-shedding treatment. us as groomers have special tools that will help prevent shedding there different sorts of tools. you can get them thru catalog try "ryans pet supply" hope this helps. Check out our Facebook page

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Diva-Dogz-Mobile-Pet-Salon/155563 654641004


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A high quality diet, high in omegas, coupled wish a zoom groom curry brush will help with the shedding.
OMD at that horrible woman though! I would have reported her to Animal Control right away. First of all, she's an idiot. Neither MinPins nor JRTs are low allergen dogs, so why on earth would progeny of the both be? Secondly, how is this the puppy's fault? For her to toss it out of a moving vehicle just makes her a subhuman monster that has no respect for living things. Grrr, sorry about the rant, but people like her really boil me.

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All dogs and cats shed, just like humans.

The shedding can be made worse by overvaccination. A dog or cat only needs one vaccine per cause as they protect for a lifetime. Vets want to overvaccinate for profit not for protection. Some pets shed more when overvaccinated because the immune system is overloaded with too many vaccines so another reaction can be a lot of shedding. Your vet will not tell you that.

Shedding can be caused by not enough natural meat oil in the diet. Add a few squirts of Natural Alaskan Salmon Oil to the food. Best place to get it from is http://www.USBones.com

What kind of dog food? Look for a natural holistic dog food, again I have been buying from USBones.com a great selection of natural holistic pet foods, treats, chews, bones.

Lastly, see a Holistic Vet for any other preventative care that may be helpful.

Most of us have to vacuum once a week or every other week anyway, so we just vacuum up the hair. Hard floors are preferred as much easier to vacuum up all hair, better than carpet that produces dust and dust mites and hard floors do not.

Get rid of fabric curtains, use verticals or blinds, as hair doesn't stick to them.

A non fabric sofa can be helpful. I have a rustic thick leather sofa and chair for the cats, dogs and kids. Hair doesn't stick to smooth rustic thick leather.

Use smaller non slip carpets where you need them. And easy to wash or rinse off hair with a hose or in the washer or tub.

I saw many of these less shedding tips on the Forums at http://www.DogSTARspace.com since dogster and catster are closing.

Hope this helps and remember the love of a dog is way more important than a little hair.

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Giving your dog a bath and rubbing/brushing until the coat is dry can work wonders. Sassy had a very short dense double coat and after a bath and rub until dry treatment she shed less for at least a week. This is half the deshed treatment a groomer can do. The trick is to be sure to rub until the whole coat is completely dry as that is right when most fur comes out. I just do this every 5 minutes during the course of a walk on a warm enough day.

Make sure your dog is getting some fish oil to balance the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Kibbles have it added but omega 3 is fragile and may not be present in useful amounts after storage.

Skin is a fatty organ, perhaps your dog needs more fat than the food is giving him. You could try adding some egg or fatty meat to his food. Start small and work up. A dog his size probably would only be able to handle 1-2 eggs a week.

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If you have PetSmart near try a FURminator treatment; Deshedding shampoo, FURminator conditioner and brush with the FURminator tool*.

*The FURminator tool can only be used so much before it irritates the dog's skin. Use a zoom groom for more brushing.

Hope this helps.puppy

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I agree with lots of the things already posted.

1. Groom as often as possible. If I don't groom my lab daily with a rubber curry, theres hair everywhere in the house. He also get furminator-ed every couple of weeks. But really, rubber curry comb is the best!

2. Feed a high quality diet. Avoid ingredients like corn and wheat as they are difficult to digest and can lead to poor skin condition. Benny's food has flaxseed and sunflower oil as an added boost to keep his coat nice way to go

3. Invest in a roomba, I got one for Christmas and its the best thing ever for staying on top of dog hair dancing