tear stains?

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Wait for me!!
Barked: Fri May 24, '13 7:22am PST 
I'm sure this has been asked and answered numerous times but is there a simple, at home solution for getting rid of tear stains? I'm pretty sure Sparkles' stains started up with her diet and allergies but I'm pretty sure I've got that under control now. I just need to fade out and eliminate the remaining stains.

The Porcelain- Prince
Barked: Tue Jun 10, '14 6:55am PST 
Sorry for reviving such an old thread, but I was dealing with this when my Nico arrived, and any advice would have been very appreciated. smile

I first had him checked out by the vet when he went for his third round of vaccines upon his arrival about a month and a half ago. No medical issues, so I began transitioning him from the breeder's food (Purina) to a higher quality kibble (BB). I gently wipe his eyes 2x a day with saline solution and started adding a cap (about 1tbsp) of apple cider vinegar to his daily drinking water.

Nico has come a long way with his tear staining in a month and a half. The issue is under control and the fur under his eyes is quickly improving. Not sure if it was any one thing or the combination of things, but modifying diet and using ACV worked for us. smile

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