should I get paid to groom a sample dog for a job?

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Barked: Tue Apr 30, '13 1:00pm PST 
I have not looked for a new grooming job in over 20 years. I just moved and am now applying at shops near my new home. I have over 30 years experience and tons of references. Today it was suggested that I groom at least 2 dogs for a possible job, so that then can see my skills. I understand that but wonder if it is normal to not get paid for the work I do. I can see maybe doing one for free but two or three?? What is the standard rule? I feel that one would be enough to show that I do know what I am doing, and also think I should get paid for my time ?????

Barked: Tue Apr 30, '13 9:13pm PST 
I guess it would depend on whether the three dogs were all different types of clips,ie teddy bear, scissor etc. In the past I have seen this to be a common job prerequisite, so I guess I would chalk it up to the overall money you will make once you get the job smile
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Barked: Wed May 1, '13 5:26pm PST 
I would consider it part of your job interview, and you don't get paid to interview.

They may be looking at your time management skills in asking you to handle several dogs, too.


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It's kinda like asking someone to work a half day for free... uh, nope. Not me at least, I've always been paid for my sample dogs (providing the salon owners were satisfied, of course and didn't have to re-do them). It's one thing to hire someone on a trial basis, another to expect them to work for free.

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When we had groomers do a test dog for us, they always brought a dog (whether it was theirs, a friends or one of their previous clients').

If they're asking you to do multiple dogs on their schedule, I feel you should be compensated. One is fine, two is pushing it, three is too much to expect without paying you for the work IMO.

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Barked: Thu May 9, '13 4:09pm PST 
I've been a paid artist from time to time. I've also done free work for local businesses. I've always felt it was kind of free advertising. I'd make sure the business knew my contact info, but I outdid myself on some of those murals. Of course it's different with grooming but I would say groom the one, two or three doggies and blow that manager away with your abilitysmile
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My boss has always paid prospective applicants.

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I can understand one dog to test on, but not multiple! I personally would not groom multiple dogs without payment.

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I've groomed multiple in a day. Some places have paid, others haven't. I just considered it part of the interview. I haven't been turned down a job yet so it's not like I didn't get something out of it.

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it would depend if i really wanted the.job..if it was the.perfect job for me yes i would do it...if it was a not so great place or oportunity maybe not..
i know lots of jobs that people are not paid for training or even have to start as a volunteer..so if i really wanted the job id veiw it as a oengthy interveiw and do it..no charge