What is a good waterless shampoo for incontinent dog?

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Miss Boss
Barked: Tue Apr 2, '13 4:35pm PST 
My 12-year old Eskie mix is on diuretics for her heart disease and unfortunately it causes her to have accidents at times, especially when she's sleeping so she ends up getting pee on her side and leg. I don't want to keep giving her baths all the time so I'd like to find a waterless shampoo or something like that that I can use just to clean the area that needs cleaning and that doesn't cause any discomfort to her.
Does anyone know of a product or maybe even something homemade that I could use, preferably something that isn't very expensive?


tiny...but fast!
Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 5:22am PST 
Earthbath makes a good one its a foam u put it on wait a couple minutes then towl off.
Vance CGC

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Barked: Sat Apr 6, '13 9:51am PST 
I know someone who used wet wipes and a bit of baking soda between baths for her incontinent dog. It doesn't truly clean, but it removes what's on the surface and absorbs the moisture and odor. Plus it's dirt cheap. You would still have to give baths, though, especially since the baking soda will start to build up over time.