Ideas to get rid of dandruff??

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Barked: Sun Feb 17, '13 9:43pm PST 
Kiki used to have the worst dandruff and all I did was put flax seed oil in her food once a day. (morning feeding) Literally within a week I saw results. The nice thing about the oil is that it's natural and has other health benefits for the dog. All the dandruff went away very quickly; Kiki's coat is also shinier than ever.
We still put the oil in her food but only a couple times a week now. Still works like a charm!

Good luck! cheer
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Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 2:29pm PST 
I've read that it is important to balance omega 3 and 6s in the diet, there should be a greater amount of omega 3s, so if you give a coconut oil supplement which has omega 6, it is a good idea to supplement with fish oil for the omega 3s.

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You can't have more Omega 3 than Omega 6 because then you'll be out of balance towards the anti-inflammatory side of things. The perfect balance is 1:1. But that is almost impossible to achieve with natural whole foods even if you are a pure pre-civilization predator wild dog. A rabbit prey, for example, has a 3:1 Omega 6 to Omega 3 ratio. This is also true for grass-fed ruminants. If you notice, dogs don't normally camp on waterways subsisting on salmon which has a 1:15 ratio - rich in Omega 3.

A balance of 3:1 is more than sufficient for dog health. But, in today's grain-fed cows, Omega 3 is highly lacking (grain fed beef and commercial-fed chickens have 10:1 ratio), hence the need for us to add things like salmon to the dog's food.

Also, not all oils are created equal for dogs. Oils from plants like flax seed oil is good for humans but not as good for dogs as dogs can't easily break it down to its EPA and DHA components. Oils from fish is much more readily available to dogs.

So, for dandruff - good health, good brushing, good hydration, and good exercise contribute to a healthy coat. After all this is met and the dog is still flaky, then you may use dandruff shampoo designed for pets and supplement his diet with fish or fish oil supplements.

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Barked: Fri Mar 1, '13 5:41pm PST 
I went through a ton of different foods and supplements and the only thing that cleared up Pennys skin was human dandruff shampoo with conditioner built in. Oh, and we use it every other week. I took her to a specialist/doggy dermatologist and the meds she was put on induced seizures and the topicals didn't clear it up. Only thing that works (and she's no longer scratching) is human dandruff shampoo with conditioner built in. I first read about it right here, on Dogster and I'd tried absolutely everything else, so I thought, why not? Cheapest suggestion ever and the only one that worked. Good Luck!!way to go
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Barked: Fri Apr 5, '13 11:14am PST 
I have changed shampoos and have been giving Chey coconut oil for about 2 1/2 weeks now.....and I'm very happy to report back that her hair is **almost** dandruff free! Woo-hoo! I brushed her this morning and I only saw a few flakes at the base of her tail. And as a bonus, her kisses smell faintly of coconuts after she eats. I will continue with the oil and cut back on the baths for now. Thankyou all!
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Barked: Sat Apr 6, '13 8:30pm PST 
With Leo we would switch to a higher quality dog food or Holistic Pet food when he got dandruff. It worked great. I believe the food we used was Blue Buffalo Adult.

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Barked: Sun Apr 14, '13 6:26pm PST 
Dogs that go on low-fat diets will more likely get dandruff because of the lack of nourishment from what they are eating. So changing their diet to a high quality one would definitely help treat the dandruff, as long as the cause isn't due to skin allergies.

Cheyenne-Starr, I'm glad to hear that your dog is getting better. Give her a few more weeks and she'll be back to her beautiful, dandruff-free self. happy dance

For anyone looking to get rid of doggie dandruff, here are some tips you might want to know about: http://www.petmd.com/dog/grooming/evr_multi_dandruff_free_pet#.UWtV3 7VmiSo.

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If she is experiencing the dandruff then there could be some reason behind this like allergies, skin infection, low humidity and poor diet. To get rid of dandruff you should take care of all these things.
Every day you should give the proper bath to her with the warm water and quality dandruff shampoo. Once in winter and twice in summer is good option.
Improve the diet of her. Add water dishes to her diet so she always have the access to fresh water.
Everyday brush her. This helps in distributing the natural oils from his coat and also massage her skin to promotes oil production.

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