Best shampoo and conditioner for Bichon/poodle Mix?

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I am on the hunt for a good shampoo and conditioner for Mozart, I currently use Earthbath and it works fine but would like to try something else. I also ordered Fur Butter Deep Conditioner and have heard good things about that.


What would you groomers out there recommend for Mozart?
his coat is kind of different since he is a mix breed but his hair since it got trimmed reminds me of a poodle very curly now it was straight and a little bit wavy before it is soft but he is somewhat fluffy too I think that is the Bichon in him. So I heard Isle of Dogs is good but what kind would you use for Mozart's coat type?
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There is only 1 shampoo I will use on my Borzoi and that is Wonder Plum from/by Petedge. It works so well and leaves his coat so healthy looking/feeling than anything else I've tried on him. Be careful not to over condition a dog of that breed/breed mix. Making that hair too soft will be a bitch and it opens the follicle up to cling onto more dirt and get tangled easier. Poodle coat is supposed to be HARSH and curly in order to keep water off the skin.

I wash my Borzoi every 2 weeks and don't always condition him, the shampoo I use is great for coat and skin health.

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You can try Blue Diamond