Flea and Tick Shampoo

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I am Fearless
Barked: Thu May 24, '12 7:56am PST 
oh my goodness they fleas and ticks here are so bad already I guess it does not help that I have alot of trees in our backyard and it has been so hot. Anyways both of my dogs have had ticks on them Bella has already had 5 and Mozar has had 3 I do use an all nautral spray on the dogs and it does work but you have to spray it every couple of days and thanks god for the tick twister it is a little tool that get rids of ticks. But does anyone know of a Flea and Tick Shampoo that works well? now that is summer I want to bath them once a week especially because fleas and ticks are so bad here.
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Thu May 24, '12 6:58pm PST 
Flea and tick shampoos are one of the biggest rip offs going! They do perhaps kill the fleas and/or ticks currently ON the dog but there is no residual effect so as soon as they are rinsed and dry, more fleas and ticks hop on. ANY shampoo will kill the fleas and/or ticks already on the dog since the detergent effect removes their waterproof shell and they drown.
Flea shampoos are notoriously harsh on both skin and hair coat and will strip the coat of any and all natural oils leaving it dry and dull, not to mention the pretty heavy duty exposure to the chemicals in the flea shampoo.
Your best bet is to work on preventative methods... DE works great on carpets and even on grass and lawns, borax also works.
Frankly, I find a monthly application of one of the products from the vets (I use Advantix) is the safest AND easiest way to deal with them. Since the advent of these products my dogs remain flea free all season long with just one or two applications since the fleas are dead and no longer breeding in my house.

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Barked: Fri May 25, '12 6:23am PST 
What Toto said...

I'll add flea and tick shampoos are also traditionally harsh on many internal organs, namely the liver.

You'll do better, and end up cheaper in the long run to go with a monthly spot on. Don't get the one's from the pet store but go ahead and get one from the vet. I don't like the chemicals and have had great luck with Comfortis but check with your vet because some of the better ones don't work as well in some areas.

If you're doing one of the pills and not a spot on a weekly bath Is a good idea but not with flea shampoos, go with a nice high quality dog shampoo and conditioner.

Depending on your area 7 dust also works fairly well in the yard. They have liquid and traditional dust form now and as a nice bonus it will get rid of ants and most other pests from your yard and is safe for use in gardens.

I know people around here who put the dust on their pets, doesn't hurt them but it's awfully messy and I don't recommend that route, just thought I would mention it unless you can across someone who Did recommend it.