Blowdrying Puppy

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Benji- Knockout

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Barked: Fri Feb 24, '12 3:46pm PST 
I was giving a friends puppy a bath (practicing before my fur ball arrives) and her dog hates the blow drier. She shakes when it come on. Do they eventually get used to it? Is continuing to just go ahead and dry traumatizing? How long did it take until the dog was used to it?

For those of you with Papillons what is the drying process like??

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Barked: Sun Feb 26, '12 1:30pm PST 
I blow dry both Gus and Grace. Grace is still new to it.

I have a quiet hair dryer (forget the brand) that is a quieter motor so it doesn't hurt your ears. It's for me but I use it on the dogs, as well.

Gus shook when I first started, but now he actually loves it and will fall asleep while being blow dried. smile Ahhh... what a life smile

Grace, being a puppy and new to it, shakes when I blow dry her. But I just stay calm and quiet. Some of her shaking is that she is cold (she's a tiny young pup), but some of it is because of the dryer.

We do the same routine each time so she is slowly getting used to it. I also make sure that every time we do a bath - we blow dry. Consistency is best.

They will grow to get used to and even like the hair dryer. Just stay calm, consistent, and try to avoid blowing the air in their eyes or ears. I also always make sure mine isn't too warm.

There are stands you can get that will hold the dryer for you so you can better handle your pup....
Benji- Knockout

Always searching- for my next- meal!
Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 7:41am PST 
Is it the Andis one? I saw that advertised as quiet on Petco and Petsmart. I have a personal Andis dryer and its honestly not as loud as most... I might have to pick on of those up!

Trixie Bean!

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Barked: Mon Feb 27, '12 2:11pm PST 
I'd start slow.. Let the pup get used to the sound without it actually being used on the pup, rewarding them for staying calm, then when you do eventually start drying the pup off, start at the feet ratehr than up near the face! Praise, praise, praise and reward for calm behaviour and stay calm and relaxed during the whole process smile