Anybody else not have to trim nails?

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Noise Police
Barked: Sat Jan 28, '12 3:30pm PST 
Hazel's nails stay short like Sanka's. She generally prefers to walk on the sidewalk instead of the grass next to it, so they get ground on the concrete. I have to trim her dewclaws every 4 months or so.
She click-clacks on our tile floors, but the nails are not too long - they are white, and I can see that if I tried to trim them, I would make them bleed. Maybe I could grind them a bit with a Dremel to stop the click-clacking noise, but she would be too scared to let me use it.
Shiver Me- Timbers- "Charlie"

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Barked: Sun Jan 29, '12 11:55pm PST 
Maya's nails remained like Sanka's and sometimes shorter, all her life - she kept them trimmed herself. If the concrete wasn't doing it, her teeth were. That's how much she hated people touching her paws! If she had to have a nail trimming, she'd chew them down herself. It left things fairly easy for me on that front as it was a huge fight to do much with her paws at all.

Charlie, however, the little beast, his nails grow RAPIDLY and they always get really long really fast. He'll let me do them - with a bit of paw tugging on his part and angry eyes, but he just sulks and gets over it when it's over. That said, I've always had a problem with the quick. His quick can get pretty long with his nails too, so it makes it hard to clip back his nails as much as I'd ideally like them. I need to find a good groomer to help me with getting the quicks to recede and his nails back to a good length without cutting the quick.

The groomshop and daycare I used to work at... The girls there would quick the dogs nails to make them recede quicker! shock I was absolutely shocked and couldn't help but think that the one girl - whose Yorkie was just a baby and she was already doing that to, would only grow to hate her nail trimmings that much more, the poor girl.

I've seen some terrible nails in there though... One time, my boss - one of the groomers and the owner of the shop, actually had this lady come in because she was going to pupsit her two Shiba's for her. The Shiba's nails were CURLING under their paw pads! And their coats were absolutely terrible. When I commented on it to my boss when the lady was gone, she said that the lady had moved in with her mother after a divorce and the mother hated dogs so the dogs were GATED onto the stairs LANDING(typically a four x four foot space), and were never walked. I was just in complete shock and wanted to have the lady reported then and there. I know her circumstances made things difficult, but her dogs were suffering terribly for it.
Mischief BN

Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 10:03am PST 
It was interesting for me to come across this topic just now. I am about to the point of trying for professional help with Mischief's nails. She has clear nails, it's very simple to see the quick, and I thought nail trims were something I could do on my own with her. "Paw" (as in give me your paw) was one of the first things she learned as a puppy after "sit." However, I have apparently failed miserably on this front because she HATES nail trims, like I'm torturing her. I think I must have let my old clippers get dull, which can cause a crushing sensation in the nail. That's the only thing I could come up with as to how I might have hurt her. She has never been cut to the quick. We have tried the Dremil, gotten new (sharper) clippers, and even taught her to "dig" on medium grit sandpaper glued to a board. The only thing she doesn't hate is the "dig," but of course that only does the front paws and gives an uneven result. Her nails didn't used to grow so fast until I started feeding her real (raw and homecooked) food instead of kibble, but now they need done every two weeks minimum, and it's a battle every time. They don't seem to wear themselves down easily, even walking on average 6 (anywhere from 2-12) miles a day on pavement greenways! If anyone has any ideas for rehab on nail trims, I'd love to hear it. This is a dog with impeccable manners that has trained easily to everything else, but all the usual positive reinforcement tactics have failed with getting her to accept a pedi.

Oh, Sanka, I wish Mischief's nails would wear themselves down like that!


Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 12:05pm PST 
Natcho's nails never seem to get horrendously long enough for us to cut them. I'd probably have to knock her out too! laugh out loud My father cut too short when she was a puppy and it bled a little, there's no chance in hell that you'd be able to cut her nails now. We've taken her to a few different places and it takes about 3 people to hold her down! eek She isn't aggressive at all, she just knows how to resist with all her strength. laugh out loud

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Barked: Mon Jan 30, '12 1:47pm PST 
My nails get to a normal length but would a nail grinder be easier to use on a dog who hates nail trimmings?thinking
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Barked: Wed Feb 22, '12 11:11am PST 
Siri's and the Cresties' nails all get long, and Belle and Evie have the bad habit of slapping me in the face (we're working on it!), so when the pet supplies boutique (also doggy daycare and grooming shop) where I get their food has a "nail clinic" where they will clip the nails for $10 a dog, I take two of them and get them done. Next time, I take the other two. The lady there does a really nice job on them, and they don't fight her like they do me.
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