best nail grinder?

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Barked: Sat May 9, '09 4:40pm PST 
could i get opinions on the best nail grinder for large dogs? where to buy/brand name/speed/with or without a cord? thanks!

Tia Maria

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Barked: Sun May 10, '09 9:16am PST 
I'm a groomer and I just went to Walmart in the tool section and bought a cordless dremel..it works great on any dog..you just have to make sure of the RPM's..you can't have one too high powered..I don't remember the maximum RPM's for a dog though frown sorry..hopefully someone else knows!

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Barked: Sun May 10, '09 7:38pm PST 
our first dremel was a cordless one which was great but we found everytime we used it we would run out of battery power part way & we would have to charge it. we have 3 dogs but we only use the dremel on two of them (hudson & meeko). nate goes to the groomers for his nails. anyway we got tiered of having to charge it part way through so we bought a dremel that plugs into the wall...we bought it at home depot. the only difference i find between the two is the chargable one was not as loud & fast.


Agility Hound
Barked: Sun May 10, '09 7:57pm PST 
I have a corded dremel multipro I use for nails and for real purposes. Had it at least 6+ years no issues.
Goofball - CGC, CL1

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Barked: Mon May 11, '09 12:53pm PST 
I have 2 Cordless Dremels from Walmart. 4.8 v with HI and LO. Love using it. I do have a corded dremel too, but don't use it for my little dogs nails. If I had a large dog I would probably want something with more power than the cordless I use for my little dog.

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Barked: Mon May 11, '09 3:13pm PST 
Got a dremel from Sears. It's cordless and does a good job on both my dogs (GSD and mutt). I do either their front or back paws at a time. The battery is holding up very well.

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Barked: Mon May 11, '09 3:29pm PST 
I got a dremel about a year ago.... I love it!!! They are so easy and i no longer have to be scared of cutting my dog's quick. my dog likes it a lot better to because there's not the sudden snip as the nail gets cut and already used to the fur trimmer thing when I cut the fur between his pads he LOVED it. They best dog tool out there... well maybe besides the furminator.


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Ch. Chaz

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Barked: Mon May 11, '09 3:35pm PST 
We use an off brand, sorry, can't remember what it is, that I found at BJ's wholesale for $20. Works great... I use the medium speed and we groom 6 days a week and use it every day!! I've had it for just over two years. It is corded cuz the cordless ones always ran out of battery halfway thru the day. I like this one WAY better than my dremel because it's shaped like a pistol and is easier to handle. It is kind of noisy compared to cordless, but still works great on almost all the dogs. Did two min pins and two St. Bernards today, among other dogs, with no problems at all. Our salon is apparently the only one in the area that grinds nails so we get walk-ins all the time for grinding. It's a great money maker!!

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Barked: Mon May 11, '09 3:51pm PST 
Cordless Dremel here. Kipper loves it!

Brutus the- Buddhist-the Zen- of Dog
Barked: Mon May 11, '09 6:23pm PST 
Cordless Dremel from Walmart (about $22) works good and is 10,000 rpm. At the salon we use a Dremel pet nail from Petsmart (about $49) and it is 13,500 rpm. I like the more expensive one better, but that is because it is faster. For home use, the Walmart one is fine.
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