Grooming a poodle muzzle

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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '08 8:07pm PST 
I've been looking into how I might want to groom Tucker in case he looks like mop when he is full grown. ISo, I've been reading about grooming poodles and other breeds. I have seen photos of the poodle face being shaved, but no photos actualy showing the muzzle being shaved. So, my question is, do they shave the muzzle and the whiskers? or do poodles naturaly have clean muzzles? thinking

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Barked: Mon Feb 11, '08 5:36am PST 
you have to shave it. Poodles have a wooly coat all over, very much the same as Arrow's (only usually not blue). As you can see in her main photo, her face is not "clean" naturally. However, in her 2nd photo you can see her with a relatively close cut face. That was about 3 weeks after being shaved down with a #15 blade.

You could, forseeably keep her in a kerry trim which would let her hair be longer than in a typical poodle trim, if that's what your want. Or you could find a groomer who can cord and then your pup could look like a Puli.

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Barked: Mon Feb 11, '08 7:30pm PST 
Most poodles get their muzzle shaved. Thats the more popular look. But there are other ways. Donut Mustache and Beard, Sweetheart Mustache and Beard, and French Mustache. Those are other styles you can do. All very cute.


Barked: Mon Feb 11, '08 8:41pm PST 
if you do decide on a clean face, start getting it done NOW. cause grown poodles with no prior experience having thier face shaved is usually NOT fun. big grin also if you consider having clean feet its very important to start getting them used to it now, because a dog that isnt good for/doesnt like thier feet shaved cant get it done because it can be dangerous if the dog is trying to flail its feet around when your trying to shave in between the webbing. Petsmart does a puppy trim that gets the face, feet and tail for 15$ untill 6 months old specifically for getting young dogs used to the experience.