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Barked: Tue Jan 8, '08 8:57am PST 
Miss Kiya sheds - and recently she seems to be shedding a lot more, but that could simply be the stress of the holidays. She was at the vet and everything checked out fine, she is healthy and whatever her breeds may be, they seem to be in the shedding variety of dogs.

I was talking to my neighbor about the shedding and she recommended I get one of the anti-shedding supplements to give Kiya on a daily basis. She said that they worked great for their dogs, which are labs.

Of course I thought I would check here on Dogster first to see what the consensus is, if it is worth it, and if so what brand works the best.

Oh, BTW, Kiya gets a good "de-shedding" once a week. She gets rubbed down/massaged by the wonderful fingers of the Kong groomer which seems to loosen the dead fur and then I go over with the Furminator, which OMD I am amazed at how much I brush out on a weekly basis and if I forget to do it for a week or so the amount is astronomical!! She also goes in for a good scrub down, moisturize treatment, good blow-out grooming once a month at her favorite little Doggy Spa- she gets muddy and wet every day so by the end of the month she needs a good bath besides the quick rinse downs we do every day.

Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions, and feedback!!

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Barked: Wed Jan 9, '08 4:10pm PST 
I don't know too much about the de-shedding supplements, but I sell one made by Dr. Maggie(www.drmaggie.com) at my store and have had great reviews about it. It's been in the store for a few years now and people keep coming back for it so it must be working!

I'm sure there are lots of other options out there though, so shop around!

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dogs blow their coats twice a year, and shed pretty constantly....could be more depending on feeding and grooming...not that you feed crap or dont groom, but one food may decrease shedding, one might increase, more groom (professional) could decrease or increase....

arko shed a small cat everyday

part of the joy of having a dog!!!


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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '08 1:01am PST 
The Kong Zoom Groom is great for getting loose hair out of a short coat dog.
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Angel did really well on Nupro. It is an all around good supplement. Her shedding stopped with 2 or 3 days.
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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '08 8:40am PST 
Us Elkies have had an "off" shedding season. Some of my friends in the group are a little "off schedule" also with their seasonal shedding. I think it is because the weather has been so crazy. Here it CT it was almost 60 the other day!

Mom uses the FURminator which I love, even started a group for fans/those interested in that little miracle worker...

As for the supplements we've been told not to bother. It is a natural thing. Mom has long hair and she sheds alot too. Grandma was always telling her to brush her hair in the bathroom when she was younger otherwise her hair would clog the vacuum and she is just a human!big laugh

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Barked: Fri Jan 11, '08 10:43am PST 
I've tried a few things that were supposed to diminish shedding but I didn't notice any difference. I think it depends on the breed of dog and the food they eat. Shepherds are year round shedders, so grooming everday with a rake and furminator keeps it pretty well controlled.