My dog is seriously depressed after being shaved

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Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 7:38am PST 
I am very worried about my bichon. This is the second time this has happened to him so we were able to make the connection. We had him shaved down last thursday and he has been in a depression ever since. He will not move off the couch and when he does he will scoot and spin as if he is trying to bite at his behind. He will eat and drink if I bring the food to him. He has releived himself outside but twice he moved about two feet from his spot on the couch and then PEED ON THE COUCH. The cats can even walk right by him and he doesn't even look at them. Does anybody have any advice on how to help him. Of course I will not have him shaved again. I did take him to the vet and his anal glands were full but he is still the same.

Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 8:06am PST 
do you secretly think he looks funny? has anyone laughed at him or made fun of him since he was shaved. the only dogs i have seen exhibit signs like this after shaving have had someone laughing at them. some dogs do pick up on it and feel worse. or maybe the other animals in your house are making him feel that way. i think not shaving him will be the best solution, since he cant exactl;y tell you why hes so sad. how long did it take for him to snap out of it last time?

Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 9:25am PST 
Hey there, this happens to my shih tzu Harlee everytime he gets shaved. He wont look at me and he gets so moody. He wont get up either he just sits on the couch. I found out what helps is putting a shirt on him. He feels better that way otherwise he is under his blankie. Another tip is getting him out of the house go for a walk, to the park or even the beach. Anywhere so he can forget. It got better as we shaved him more. I know alot of dogs that get this way. If he is like this for too long I wouldnt shave him but a few days or a week is okay.


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Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 9:40am PST 
Buddy, my MIL's Bichon is this way as well. Remember, that Buddy only has a single coat, and if he has sensitive skin it it now feeling more "air" than before.

Nicky was only shaved twice, and pouted for about 10 days each time. Now my MIL opts for a puppycut. A little more expensive but she has a dog who is a lot happier.

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Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 9:46am PST 
Your dog is probably a bit confused and unsure of what's gone on. It's possible he could have been stressed by the experience and maybe he doesn't feel very good. It sounds like his behavior is also upsetting his people, so that doesn't help.

Since you've already had him checked by the vet to rule out anything serious (health issues, razor rash or burn, parasites, etc.), I suggest getting him up and off that couch for some fun. Bring out his favorite toys and treats, go for a walk and start acting like everything's great! Make him a special meal (set it down in the usual place and if he doesn't want it, fine), have a few short training sessions on things he already knows well, but don't baby him in an attempt to make him feel better. Just be happy and move on and so will your dog.

Just looking for- a midnight snack
Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 12:52pm PST 
Thanks for all the suggestions. I am going to take him to the dog park now. I will let you all know how it goes.
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Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 3:10pm PST 
As we both know, bichons are a sensitive breed. Any sign of worry from your will make him feel more anxious. The more you worry, the more he worries. The t-shirt has helped some clients' dogs get over the initial shock of being shaved. You could buy him a cute shirt (any excuse for dog clothes laugh out loud ). I hope his trip to the dog park helps him perk up a bit. It's no fun having a sad pup around the house.
Mi Ty Chi- Chen (Ty)

Barked: Wed Jun 20, '07 8:21pm PST 
I have the opposite feeling when I get a haircut. I feel all excited and I love to roll around on the ground (whats with that pretty smelling stuff, that's not manly, need to get some dirt smells back!) and run all over. I'm downright perky! BOL
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Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 9:18am PST 
I agree with Max....don't baby him you will just be giving him the worng signal that it is ok to feel and act the way he is acting after a groom.

Play Play Play............snoopy.......cheer............way to go

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Barked: Fri Jun 22, '07 10:14am PST 
They shaved him too close on his butt! It has happened to me so many times that mom warns the groomer to not get close there. I am misralble for a few days if they do this, it's cause it itches!!!
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