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Hello; I have a 5-year-old ex-racer named Murphy -- according to the info I received he did race a lot before he came to live with us. He is our second grey.

At the end of July he suddenly started limping. I took him to our vet, a big practice, and they said it was likely arthritis. So I started him on cosequin DS with MSN and he was on rimadyl. Two weeks go by, still limping. Basically he would get up, limp then be ok. Eating fine, playing with toys etc. Four more trips to the vet's over the course of the next two months trying different things -- it isn't lyme etc. Then the vet says he wants to do xrays and that he would have to put him under to do them to the tune of $550 -- i had just spent $1,000 in the spring on a misdiagnosed heart problem so i decide to get a second opinion. Second vet along with their staff chiropractor take xrays and fine he has no evidence of cancer or arthritis -- they decide it's a pulled hamstring or torn hamstring -- he had gotten a bit better with rest but now he's limping again. I see no swollen lumps or anything and i am beyond frustrated as to what to do. I now have him on glycoflex and i order microlactin to try -- he's also on deramaxx and tramadol. Has anyone out there tried acupuncture? i fear he needs surgery and honestly we cannot afford it after all this plus Murphy cannot tolerate the car and we would have to travel 2 hours to the nearest surgical facility. Has anyone deal with this and can they give me some advice. Thanks so much
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I know it is 2 months later. Is he still limping? Could it be something on his pad? If he begins walking on it, maybe it is not something to worry about. flowers

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there's a female great dane in our dog park and she has exactly the same thing going on as the one you're describing. her people have spent about $2k so far on X-rays and vets specializing in mobility issues/joints and they're stuck. how did you guys tackle the limp? did it heal on its own? were you able to pinpoint what was causing it? whatever follow-up you care to share, i'll be happy to pass it on to the dane's owner, hopefully it might help them.