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Charlie Pete

G-day mate! - Wanna Play?
Barked: Sat Mar 27, '10 6:03pm PST 
Hi everyone

Charlie Pete is a magnificent boxer-greyhound mix. Unbelievably beautiful when he runs. Problem is I have some difficulty keeping weight on him. He is on a high energy diet and eats more than the recommended amount. But his ribs are easily counted and the bones of his hips are easily seen. I've not spent much time around pure greyhounds. Is this common in this breed. Wondering if I should be worried.

Barked: Fri Apr 2, '10 1:36pm PST 
I don't think so because Katy (akita greyhound mix) Has the same problem accept she doesn't eat alot! http://www.dogster.com/forums/post.php#