Sibling Reunion for Stinger

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JJ"S Stinger

To sniff where- no one has- before.
Barked: Wed Oct 22, '08 8:17am PST 
I just got a nice phone call from another greyhound lady who has adopted Stinger's little sister. Her name is SLICK. dancing We are going to meet her as soon as possibale. What a nice phone call. Thank you Slicks mom Merideth cloud 9 and June for help out . wink

I am sure we will have pictures to share later. snoopy

Callie - Where's the- Squirrel?????
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 7:36am PST 
That's great Stinger...............it's not often you get to meet your siblings.......Callie met her sister at a meet and greet for the rescue we came from.......they knew it, too!!!!!cloud 9