Food Questions

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Barked: Thu Nov 27, '08 6:32am PST 
I am soon getting a swissy and wondering if any of you feed a dry diet and which that seems to work best. The breeder feeds only raw right now but is not against me switching over. I feed my 50# dog science diet, but was wondering if there is anything else you would suggest. I was looking into nutro, which actually does seem like a better food imo.

Also any advice for puppyhood, he is 8 weeks old!

Thank you so much!

Barked: Wed Mar 11, '09 4:27am PST 
I currently have a 4 month old Swissy pup (Ada) and our breeder recommended Purina Pro-Plan Large Breed Puppy Formula. I know its a mouth full. He just has us add a little bit of water to soften it up while her teeth come in. She is growing beautifully, but it is expensive. The only other advice my breeder gave me was to only feed her the puppy formula until she was 50 lbs or a year. 50 pounds is definitely coming first, she's at 43 right now! Hope this was helpful.