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I moved in with a couple friends about a month ago. They have a one year old Great Pyrenees. When I got here, he'd bark all night until they let him in their room, which was fine. Now when they leave for work at 8 in the morning, all he does is bark until I wake up, after which he promptly lays down and goes to sleep all day. This might not be so bad except that I work nights and trying to survive on less than 20 hours of sleep per week is maddening. I don't know what to do. I've tried sleeping in the living room, he barks. I've tried bringing him in my room and he just tears around all over the place (room is too small for that, he'll hurt himself). One of my roommates wants to try one of those scented collars, but the other doesn't care. Any recommendations about what might help this situation?

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Pyr's are one of the oldest breeds around, and they are "working dogs"! They are nocturnal (as most predators come out at night) and bark to let anyone and everyone know they are on the job. Because Pyr's are very independent you need to be consistent and very vigilant with his training. Yelling does not work. I have occasional problems with my Pyr and his nocturnal nature, but if we are active during the day he sleeps better at night. We walk at least once a day and have a play session at night. Mine likes to chase us around the house for a while and wrestle a little. They are not super active dogs (as adults) so mine will wear himself out and sleep through the night after about a half hour of play or walking. It also helps that I have another pet (a min-pin) who is active during the day and keeps him occupied!

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