Real Chowhounds!

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Yogi-aka Beast - a very good- buddy!
Barked: Wed Dec 30, '09 6:51pm PST 
Hi I'm just wondering if most people find their pyrs to be real chowhounds? Our yogi who is actually half pyr and half berner is constantly looking for food even after he has had his own. He comes into the kitchen and immediately begins to scan every inch of the counters and seems to think that anything edible is there for him. he has consumed pots of spaghetti, plattersof hot dogs, and anything else he can get his jaws on and he is quite slick about it.And oh yes he loves to stick his head into a tub of butter. All I can say is thank God he has never had an upset stomach!! LOL Anyone else have similar experiences?
Pippin CGC

King- Dingleberry!
Barked: Tue Feb 16, '10 7:36pm PST 
No, I haven't had that as I train my dogs not to counter surf & keep things out of temptation's way when I can...Pyrs are not normally big eaters.shrug