New to the pyr

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Barked: Tue Jun 30, '09 4:32am PST 
Hi everyone! I'm new to the pyr, I just got Abbey about 2 weeks ago, she is 3 months old. I am having issues with her potty training, she will go outside and then comes in and goes again! I understand that pyrs can be stubborn, I am use to that my oldest is a 13 month old corgi, McGee, and I also have a 9 month old Lab/Newfie mix Gibbs, both males that were house trained in less than two weeks when I got them ( McGee was 8 weeks old, and Gibbs was 5 weeks old). Is this a female thing??? Also she doesnt want to walk outside, on the lead she walks does her potty time and then on the way back just lays down. I've never crated a dog before and I really dont want to start now, I normally just block them off in the living room.

Any help ideas anyting would be greatly appreciated.

A pyr off leash- is a dyspyr
Barked: Sun Aug 16, '09 9:43am PST 
Hi there. Love your little Abbey. I lost my pyr Abby to cancer in Feb. Just be patient with her and very consistent. My Abby was totally housebroke by 5 months with no more accidents. Try leaving her out a bit longer after she first goes or when you bring her in take her right back out the door again.

Good Luck...they are totally worth the effort.

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