How big are your pyrs?

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Sally- (Adopted)

Sally the Horse- Dawg
Barked: Thu Jan 22, '09 10:57am PST 
I am 9 months and weight 59.9lbs and am actually underweight. I am slightly bony under my hair. I am 25 inches tall at the shoulders so far. I am still a growing girl.

Barked: Sat Jul 11, '09 6:15pm PST 
Well, I am 6 month old now and my Mama took me to the vet today to put me on their scale. And so I found out that I weigh 59.8 lbs right now.

Sir Barks A Lot,- Sir Slobbers A- Lot
Barked: Thu Oct 7, '10 8:53am PST 
Buddah is 9 months old and weights 80 lbs.

Calamity- Jane

Barked: Tue Apr 26, '11 7:03pm PST 
Jane is tiny for a Pyr. Only around 70 lbs, and she is fully grown. Though, she is a mix, so this is understandable.
Fleetwood- Mac

Go your own way!-
Barked: Sat May 21, '11 9:11pm PST 
Fleetwood Mac - aka Pee Wee - is only 110 pounds - luckily!! We were told that if we fixed him it helped to stop the growth. Not sure if this is true but he is small for the breed and he is pure bred. His parents are both at the 130 to 150 I believe.
♥- Maggie- ♥

Barked: Wed Jul 13, '11 2:39pm PST 
Maggie is 4yrs and 105 lbs. She was up to 112 but we put her on a diet.
Sonny Driver

Barked: Thu Oct 6, '11 1:58pm PST 
My pup pyr, Sonny D., is 4 1/2 months and weighs in just a bit under 50 lbs. And he is 100% LOVE!

Goat Guardian
Barked: Mon Oct 17, '11 7:12am PST 
Lillie is 5 months old yesterday and we go to the vet to see how much she weighs tomorrow...Im thinking around 50lbs.
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