My 10 week old puppy is aggresive

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Barked: Wed Dec 28, '11 9:15am PST 
Hello, I'm new here and hope someone can help.

I have had Great Danes all my life, and my new puppy is aggressive - I have never encountered this before.

We've had him for two weeks now, and this week we have mostly locked him in the backyard because he attacks, growls and bites us, drawing blood. He seems as if he wants to play, but every time we want to play with him he gets rough and draws blood.

This week I've kept him away from my other Great Dane (female of 7) and Sausage dog (female, 5) because even though they tolerate him, I'm scared his behaviour may get him bitten (the Dane is very gentle, but when he gets like this she growls).

Please help, I feel like a monster!
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Barked: Tue Jan 3, '12 9:57pm PST 
Dear spotless. All puppies can bite and draw blood. Some puppies just don't understand there limits. I recommend that you play with the puppy and when he bites you yelp like a puppy. This has helped us with our dogs. Every time he does something you don't like yelp. As for locking him away from the other dogs. I would let the dogs put him in his place. Our 8 year old taught our puppy not to bother her when she was tired or not in the mood. She never hurt her just let her know her boundries. By locking him out he will never learn and just keep doing it. I recommend that you see if you get the show dog whisper or it's me or the dog on your tv set. They have 2 different ways of fixing these problems. Also if he does something you don't like, for example: say begging for food. Grab a leash and take him to another room until he sits and relaxes and when he does it again repeat it. He will learn that you don't want that behavior. I hope this helps and good luck. smile