Timber needs some good pals

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.

George- Underwood

Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 11:18am PST 
Timber is a beautiful 4 year old pup who is slowly going blind, her family is desparate for a miracle. Poor Timber didn't even have a pup pal, I've sent her a rosette, 25 bones and requested to be her special pal. I think all dogster pups should have Timber as a pal.

Isis, She is- dearly- missed....

Just call me- Isis...where's- my chewie??
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 12:05pm PST 
Giving bones and sending a pup pal request...right now!
Bella Beans

Original Dogster- DIVA praying for- Rusty
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 12:32pm PST 
Thanks for telling us about Timber...rosette and pup pal coming his way.

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Barked: Mon Sep 19, '05 8:25am PST 
Thanks for telling us about Timber. We left bones and a pup pal request too. Told him with Dogster, you're never alone.