Cancer Diagnosis

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My dog Sultan, (1/2 labrador 1/2 pitbull), 13 y/o was just diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer. I was told he has a growth on his sternum and ninth rib. I was told that there was options for treament like chemo therapy and/or bone marrow transplant but I was wondering if there was any herbal treatments that we could use to help him out. I really don't want him to suffer going through chemo but wanted to know if there weren't any other choices. If someone could please give me some feed back please

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I understand your concern - chemo & radiation is tough & requires sedation.

Have you asked your vet about alternatives?

I have found that the "age thing" is an issue - what does your vet say & have you thought about a 2nd opinion? I know this isn't much help - I don't know what to say.... but you are in our thoughts & keep us informed, ok?

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the age is definitely a factor cry my Beagle has been going through chemo (4 weeks IV and now an oral) for months now for mast cell cancer. Depending on the chemo used a lot of dogs do not have the same reaction as people. They are given a smaller dosage than what humans are given and they don't have the side effects. Toby has had no stomach upset, hairloss or anything else. He eats great, no diarrhea and plays. He will be 9 in May. He is also under the care of a board certified oncologist. Good luck and as long as quality of life is there I would do everything in my power to keep them around as long as possible.