Bell's sick

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♥Bell Cooke♥

I wake up, eat,- go to sleep...
Barked: Wed Oct 13, '10 1:36pm PST 
I really don't know what is wrong with her. It's been like this for about 2 weeks now. She has patches on her body that has lost fur. Her skin looks very dry and she is always trying to lick the patches. They are mostly on her face. She has one on her eye lid, under neathe her chin, on her ear and several in different spots of her body. They aren't red but they are very dark. If you have ever heard of this please paw mail me and tell me what this is called and treatments for it. I really wish she would get better and just putting ointment lotion on it doesn't seem to be getting better just makes her not itch as much. So please paw mail me. frown
Vinnie My- Guardian- Angel

Vinster the- Psychic Doggie
Barked: Sat Oct 30, '10 12:23pm PST 
We'll pawmail you, we've heard of this, Bell.