Please pray for Bandit!

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.


He is a Pitbull- in a Jack- Russells body
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 12:51pm PST 
He was taken to the vet for severe pain in his whole right foot and has a very large tumor in it. We are waiting to here if his blood work will even be good enought for them to even remove any of it. We do know that all of it cannot be removed because it is intwined in the whole foot with muscles, nerves, and ligaments!Bandit is up in life age 13+ but still enjoys life. Yeasterday he was out running my grand daughter even with only his three good legs!If the blood work comes back then they will do a biopsity to see if it is cancer! I am determined to get the money together if everything turns out that it is not cancer and he is still healthy enought for the surgery. I have had him since June 1997 and he has not had a sick day all the years I have had him. crycrydog

Cairnattitude - My Way!!
Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 1:18pm PST 
Prayers from our pack for Bandit!
Sam RIP- BABY 9/3/09

Barked: Mon Mar 30, '09 6:22pm PST 
Sam sends lots of prayers for Bandit. hug

Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

Love is never- being told you'- naughty!
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 5:39am PST 
Awww Bandit, so sorry to hear about your poor foot. Sending you prayers and love sweetie and hope to hear better news.
Abby CGC

Big and- Beautiful
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 11:56am PST 
Love and prayers to you Bandit...hug

Snuggle Hound
Barked: Wed Apr 1, '09 5:42pm PST 
Paws crossed for good news for you, Bandit!

Feelin' groovy!
Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 4:08pm PST 
Thinking of you, Bandit. Please keep us posted.

Lady Sophie- of the Great- Hunt

The Baby!
Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 9:18pm PST 
Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers.hug