Let's pray for my pal Ginny!

This is a special place for pups to share their love and support for each other during difficult times; it's a place to light candles, give the "Power of the Paw," and let everyfur know they are never ever alone.


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This is what I think Ginny would say if she could talk.

I took her to the vet for a checkup May 11th 2005, to see about dental cleaning, a couple skin tags on her back legs, and to ask why she drank a gallon of water a day. She started having accidents in the house, as well. Her tests came back fine so I wasn't worried. She had been coughing and sneezing so the doc gave her allergy meds. She was 75 lbs and being her normal self otherwise.

Soon after, she became a little finicky with her food, stopped chewing her favorite rawhide sticks and having a hard time with the stairs. Then she'd be okay for a few days. She then started to refuse her food and wasn't drinking as much water. It was a chore to get her through the stairs routine to go outside for potty. I thought maybe she was being stubborn (so out of the ordinary for her....NOT!!) so I left dry food in her bowl but after a couple days she still hadn't eaten. So I bought some Iams gravy to pour on her food. She looked at it with disgust and walked away. So I bought some canned food (which I never gave her - she was on a fit n' trim kibble diet (used to be just a tad overweight - she used to weigh 82 lbs. ). She'd pick at that. I'd catch her eating grass and then the vomiting started. She atleast drank water with some coaxing. Because she had been to the vet earlier, and she was fine, I just figured maybe she had stomach upset. So I boiled some chicken and rice. She ate that but after a couple days she didn't eat that either. She just wasn't herself anymore. So I took her to the vet again. She ran bloodwork - nothing out of the ordinary except her blood calcium level was very high. She had lost 11 lbs since the visit in May. I took her home with some Tagamet so she'd stop vomiting and tried getting food down her, at first using a syringe and special Science Diet mixed with water for a grool. She allowed me to put that syringe in her mouth and shoot the stuff in her, all the while knowing she hated it. She went from playful with nothing wrong to weak and anorexic in a months time. I had to bring her back for an xray...found nothing. Did an ultrasound...nothing. Next step - exploratory surgery. The vet found a portion of her intestines in a bundle (snipping a little connective tissue fixed the problem there), her spleen was a little enlarged (nothing to do there), liver looked spotty. She took a biopsy and sent it off to the Univ of TN vet center. I was glad the surgery went well. Road to recovery I thought. She'd be just fine now. Problem fixed.

Next day, doc called. Bad news - she has cancer. I just cried. She went over the options with me but I didn't hear much of what she said. I heard the words chemo, prednisone, 1-2 months, quality of life.

After the shock wore off and a couple days paying extra-special attention to my baby, I've decided to do the meds and a new diet.

...thanks for being there, Mom. I'm already feeling a little better. We'll do this together and see how it goes...

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That post was from her diary. Get well soon Ginny. DIE CANCER DIE!!

Here is her page
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You can beat the bad, bad cancer! We're here for you. Our prayers and good thoughts are with you.

Taz, Dancer & Mitzi

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Awww Ginny taht's horrible news. Please get well soon, I am sure you can beat this nasty thing.
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Ginny, all our hopes and prayers that you fight this and make a full recovery.
Isabel and Rosie

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Dearest Ginny - You and your family are in our thoughts, our prayers and our heart. Your friends are pulling for you!
Love, Willie and Joni
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I am praying for you! I will say my mantra for you too...Die, cancer! Die!
Chemotherapy is worth it, trust me. My prognosis without it was 4-6 weeks and that was last November. I have been able to enjoy life completely since then and I am still going strong.
Fight the good fight, Ginny!

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Dear Ginny we are praying for you..

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Hi Ginny we are saying a big prayer for you and we are thinking of you. Glad you are starting to feel better. Love Britney