Advice for a new gsp owner and a 7 week old pup

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Hello all,

I'm bringing my new pup ( no name yet) home on Sunday.

I have been doing research on every aspect of bring a new pup home but I feel like the information I'm missing is the breed specific information.

I have an appointment for a puppy check at the vet and he is enrolled in puppy preschool that will start when he is 8 1/2 weeks old. My home is ready for him; crate with puppy wall & toys, high quality puppy food, large variety of chew toys, bedding, leash & collar, grooming supplies and I've explored the house from a puppy's point of view checking for choking hazards.

I'm hoping for any breed specific tips for the first days and weeks of the gsp pup being home.

Thanks for your help, I'm very excited to start my gsp journey!happy dance

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I am no dog expert but having a GSP from a pup age myself, crating at night and keeping the crate only big enough for her helped me TREMENDOUSLY. In the morning I would not take her out or even come close to the crate until she is relaxed in the crate. Now she every morning she is sitting there looking at me and never makes a peep. This helps with house training and keeping them calm at night. Also will let you get a good night sleep. Don't think it's cruel and RESIST the temptation to open the door when she is crazy. Waiting those extra minutes will save you years of trouble. Other then that, my gsp is amazing with kids and just overall a GREAT Dog as long as they are exercised and mentally stimulated DAILY. NO EXCEPTIONS! smile. Best of luck with the new adventure!