First time owner of German Shorthair pointers

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Barked: Wed Aug 22, '12 6:51pm PST 
I just adopted two German Shorthair Pointers from a shelter, my kids named them "mike an Ike". They are 2yrs old an full of energy. But my dogs are not house broken. I have tried kennel training an all they do is run to my bed an lay down like im punishing them. So they are outside for now. Till i can potty train them. I would love to hear any tips on this matter. My friends tell me to rub their nose in their mess, but i can't bring my self to do it. any thoughts would be great smile

Barked: Thu Aug 23, '12 11:54am PST 
I'm going to refer you to the general forums since this is more of a housebreaking issue then a breed issue. Check out some forums and articles in the Behavior & Training sections of Dogster. They are very helpful. Whatever you do, DO NOT rub their noses in it!

GSPs are not an easy breed, especially when you have more than one! They require A LOT of exercise, attention, and mental stimulation. If you do not spend time with them, they are prone to becoming destructive. They are also great escape artists. So if left to the backyard with nothing to do, they may dig under, jump, or climb fences and take off. Unfortunately, we see A LOT of GSPs surrendered to rescue because first time owners had no idea the exercise requirements of the breed. Please do some more research and use the resources here on Dogster to your advantage.

Good luck and thanks for rescuing these two!
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I'm assuming by kennel you mean crate training. If the kennel/crate is too big they're likely to pee in it if they still have room to lie down. GSPs are very smart. Patience and persistence. They'll get it. They're such lovable dogs. If you have doggy daycare in your area I highly recommend. It's done wonders for my GSP.