almost 11 week old Male German Shepherd puppy's normal weight?

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Barked: Sat Mar 3, '12 5:39pm PST 
Hi, just want to know what is the normal weight of a 10 week old GSD puppy? Co'z I have a male german shepherd who weighs 27lbs for almost 11 weeks 2 days from now he will be 11 weeks old.
Just curious how big he can be coz, a lot of people tell us that he's gonna be a really big dog, he has big paws, not fat, but not skinny, just normal..

He's dad weighs 120 lbs and mom weighs 85lbs

Is there any idea what is his average weight should be and how big he could be when he reaches adult?
Just preparing hehe smile Thank you

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Squ'mey was about 25 lbs at that age, but he had a real growth spurt after that & was 52 lbs about 6 weeks laterlaugh out loud He had very large feet & now he is about 100-105 lbs (have to take him in soon to get an exact) at 33 months. He was neutered at 2 years old. He is not as tall as either of his parents, but he still has some filling out to do.
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I agree that sounds like an normal weight. I think 30lbs at three months is about average for a male.

Since he's male, he'll probably be closer to his father's weight. Hard to say exactly what he'll weigh but I would guess over 100lbs.


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Hi Thank you for the replies cat on moon)
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