When wouldn't you recommend a Frenchie?

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While I'm not ready for another dog right now, I'm spending time doing research for the right breed and Frenchies are one of the breeds I'm looking at.

If you had a friend or acquaintance ask if one was a good match for them what would be reasons you'd discourage someone from getting one? For example, I've had 3 rough collies and I'd discourage anyone that hated dog hair all over everything, or who didn't want to do the grooming required from getting a rough collie. What are some things about Frenchies that might be a negative to some people?

And what about them would make you encourage someone to purchase one (either a puppy or adult from a breeder or rescue)?

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I am a fairly new Frenchie mum, though I did a fair amount of research before choosing French Bulldogs there were a lot of surprises when becoming an owner. I would have to say the main thing is you need to have:

TIME- People who are stay-at-home workers or mums or otherwise are best suited for Frenchies. They don't like to be left at home alone and need a lot of attention. I walk Jupiter 3 sometimes 4 times a day and I have heard from other Frenchie owners at the park that it's the same with them.

MONEY- Frenchies are delicate, loving, goofy, affectionate pups. But they have a slew of health issues. This is also something I was warned about but in practice it is always more shocking. The first three months I was at the vet with him about 8 times, racking up massive health bills ranging from ear infections, to an eye infection, to him eating something weird off the street, and then for his breathing. He still gets ear infections a lot, so our vet is our best friend.

PATIENCE- The other thing I was shocked by, but was also warned of, was their stubborn nature. Jupiter is actually a rescue and his history before us is a little foggy, though through the training process it became clear that he was perhaps abused and clearly taken from his mum too early. This made the training process significantly more difficult. Something that is very common with Frenchies.

VIGILANCE- The last thing about frenchies is they are little piggish rascals. Jupiter will eat ANYTHING. I know this is true to many other frenchies as well. And when I say anything, I mean ANYTHING. He loves plastic, wood, food (chocolate, grapes, walnuts, avocados, anything poisonous that he has sniffed out of bushes on the streets). I am extra vigilant but there is always some trash lurking somewhere on the streets or at the park.

LOVE- All that said, having a French Bulldog has been a massively gratifying experience. I would say that if you have time, patience, money, and a lot of love to give then a Frenchie is perfect for you. Jupiter makes me laugh every day and he is the biggest cuddle bunny. He loves people and parks and life in general. I am definitely a sold Frenchie lover for life!

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Thank you for your response, Jupiter. Since I definitely plan to get a rescue nex time your answer, especially concerning health issues, was very helpful.

Any one else? thinking

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honestly i would not listen to anyone on here about frenchie's. i will let you know about my experience with them.

I own 2 Canadian Champions French Bulldogs (Male and a Female). my dogs are about year an a half now and came from the same breeder. i work monday to friday 8-4 and my dogs have no problem being alone at all. since they were little i taught them independence and not babying them to much. French bulldogs are a stubborn breed but with the right amount of training, bit of patience and some exercise you can own a really nice french bulldog. i have never had my dog on the leash she walks right next to me not matter what ever since she was little puppy and with the right training she never ran off and just stayed focused with me. They love to please there owners. i know some people who can't even take there frenchie's for a walk because how stubborn they can be. Just rememeber its always the owner not the dog.

Money: i have never spent any money on my dogs except there usual shots and what not. I find to go to reputable REGISTER breeder for a Frenchie. Please avoid the backyard french bulldog breeder's and do your research on breeder's. they're not cheap dogs if you live in Chicago check out Snesational bulldogs (Highly recommended). My dogs cost a pretty penny because they are show dogs and my plan is to become a reputable breeder with them. My male with Breeding rights cost me CAD $3000 and my female with breeding right cost me CAD $4500. i do recommend dog insurance as well for 50 bucks a month your'e 80% covered for anything that can happen to your frenchie.

Time: Every animal needs time no matter if its a Fishtank, Cat or a Dog. my Frenchie's are super independent and in my experience they are not needy as long as they have some food, water and toys they are good but i personally spend lots times with my frenchie's. i walk them twice a day for 25 mins everytime and they love it. They are not Fan of too HOT or too COLD weather since they can't breathe too good make sure to clean there eyes and ears on daily basis takes 10 mins a day.

Hope i answered some questions you had. Again it all depends on the owner to have a nice French Bulldog.

Jack and Jill.