Flying a Frenchie in the cabin?

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Barked: Fri Dec 5, '08 6:40am PST 
Chauncey, what kind of Sherpa bag did you get? Do you happen to know the dimensions?? Was it roomie? I think the bag I already ahve for Daffodil is a bit small so I'm looking to get something a little roomier.

Something always seems to go wrong for me when I fly so I'm a tad bit overly paranoid about having her be turned away at the gate.

She's a very very good girl though and the vet gave me some mild sleepy-pills to keep her calm.

I'm supposed to check her in a ticketing before I head towards security. Are they going to weigh and measure my bag??

hahah I just want everything to go smoothly.

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Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 11:56am PST 
Chauncey has the standard Large Sherpa bag, which is 18'' by 11'' and supports up to 22 pounds. He fits snuggly- not as roomy or tall as he might like, but manageble. FYI- Anything bigger is probably going to have a tough time fitting under a seat aboard an airplane. Be careful with carriers with wheels- they also take precious space underneath the seat.

My vet advised against sedation- said it was unneccessary if the dog is "chill" to begin with. Said that the effects of the pill can last 24-48 hours after it's given.

Chauncey and his bag were never weighed during either of his check-ins. He was acknowledged, and charged for his flight, but neither attendents seemed concerned about his weight.

Good luck with your trip
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Barked: Sun Mar 1, '09 9:10pm PST 
I have flown with my frenchie multiple times in dec. we were on 7 different planes. They were all AA and they were great! all the flight attendants checked in on bentley ALL the time..."does he need water?" "can I pet him?"

On one flight they let me put him on the seat next to me (it was in first class) and open the bag! another flight they let me take him out and he slept on the seat next to me (it was a ferry flight with 5 REAL passengers) One flight attendant even told me to take him to the bathroom and put paper on the floor!! whaaaa?? so my experience on American has been fantastic!

the only problem i had was trying to stuff the sherpa bag under the smaller airplane seats! ;(


Barked: Tue Apr 28, '09 6:38pm PST 
Thank you guys so much for all your answers! I am flying my frenchie Cooper for the first time and I've been a nervous wreck!
He is 21lbs. and I've been afraid that he will be turned away at the counter for being a lb. over the 20lb max that Virgin America has.
But thanks to your responses sounds like he will be just fine! Thank you and I just bought a Sherpa bag today. Sounds like the best one. Large size.

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Barked: Wed Apr 29, '09 12:55pm PST 
Just a question (I don't have a Frenchie, but this forum has tons of useful info on in-cabin flying) how tall are you guys? I'm less concerned with weight more than I'm concerened with height! Our pup is 13" at the shoulders.. for those who have flown.. is that too tall?
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Barked: Wed Nov 4, '09 7:41pm PST 
Bentley is now 28lbs and he is still able to fly, the last flight was in september...he is gearing up for another flight in 2 weeks!! other than my shoulder being in pain it has been fairly easy to fly with him!

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Barked: Thu Dec 23, '10 1:47am PST 
Happy, Safe Holidays Dogster's! We didn't know if we should resurrect this thread, or start a new one..but it had some great info. We are preparing for a trip and we're getting anxious after reading up on all the airline regulations.

Mom weighed me this morning and I weighed 22 (lbs). Seems the Medium Sherpa Bag is the best all around choice but I can't fit in it never mind stand in it when it's zipped. Mom searched till she was blurry eyed online, and then we called and hiked to Petco, to try a few on for size.Due to the holiday the pickin's were slim. We got in one called The Ultimate Sherpa with recessed wheels and were thinking it's definitely gotta be a 'small'..well, maybe a 'medium'. That was until mom took out her handy tape measure she'd brought along and found it was 20".. and a nice sales person found the tag inside marked "Large". Ouch! ;(

I'm 11.75/12" at the shoulders, and when I sat down, looked like a cross between "ET" n' "Yoda" with my neck n' my ears stickin out.

Although, I'm not extra stout I'm a cobby and solid 22 pounds..and I'm 12.5" to the top of my tail (shoulders to back). Sherpa in Large = 20" L X 11.5" W X 11.75"H

When mom zipped the bag.. I wasn't exactly thrilled. I could lay down, and crouch and turn, but I didn't do a full turn around.. .I was too busy trying to dig my way out. Although, mom coaxed me with a treat and I showed her I could turn toward the back of it, if I really wanted to.

If there is any other bag that is better suited for me? Please, please do tell mom! She'll need to order it and get me all comfy about the idea.

Also, how do people book flights online and then add a pooch to their trip? It seems that it could be a problem/challenge? Especially, since you have to call the airline and they have tight limits..Delta indicated 4 dogs/cats in cabin per flight. What if there are no spaces available? Has anyone had to change, or cancel a flight because you couldn't get an accommodation for your pooch after booking online?

We'll be Keeping our fingers crossed..
(Does Amtrak take dogs? Wince)

http://www.petco.com/product/12212/The-Ultimate-Sherpa-Bag -On-Wheels.aspx?cm_mmc=bazaarvoice-_-RLP-_-12212-_-productname_link

Some people say that anything over 19" won't fit under the seat of a plane? A friend of ours flew with her 1l(lb) pooch on Delta today and the stewardess was very adamant the bag not stick out even an 1/2" inch and moved her to a window seat and her bag is a small. The lady next to her was a retired stewardess and had survived more than one plane crash in her career..and told our friend the stewardess was being a bit over zealous. We've been reading American is actually more pet friendly.. and more permissive with soft bags (as it is mentioned on their site via the Sherpa link which people may find helpful wink

Meanwhile, we'd really, really appreciate any additional experiences "Frenchie", or other Dogster family members have had with their over-sized pooches that they'd be willing to share. Any thoughts or advice about this particular Sherpa bag? We have a 2 hour flight if mom books direct.. Mom was hoping the recessed wheel bag would work, because she isn't really able to lug me around on her shoulders. We called Delta and they gave us 3 different answers..Yes, No and Maybe.


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Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 12:39pm PST 
Hi y'all I live in KeyWest and am having trouble flying home to Houston. I weigh 22 lbs and I hardly fit in the large Sherpa bag. I'm not quiet sure what to do considering in cargo is not an optioncry
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