Raw diet nutrients and AAFCO

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Here is some info on the AAFCO and their 'requirements'...which I state loosely. There is just so much info I can't really put it all on here, but highly recommend reading as much as you can about AAFCO and their lack of true scientific research that dogs are healthy over a life time on dry or wet kibbles. Their 'studies' only require 6 months.


As far as nutrients, all AAFCO 'requirements' are in a basic chicken meal of 1 lb of chicken, with a few ounces of liver, a few ounces of gizzard and a few ounces of heart, plus additional nutrients, more amino acids, retinol, Vit. K, etc. Raw is also more bioavailable than kibble or canned foods.


The only issue with the usda.gov site is that it does not give the bone nutrients, ie: calcium, phosphorus amounts, there actually is amounts of both in raw meat and organs without bone too.

Some foods have more of certain things than others, but it is a balance over time,not over each meal, as it is with humans.

Vitamin C is also one of the things that are added by some food manufacturers, but is not required by the AAFCO, this is in part due to the fact that some raw meats and organs naturally contain Vit. C and that a dog, unlike humans, can make Vit. C on it's own.

There are very few carbs in a raw diet, but there isn't any scientific date that states that a dog needs added carbs to the diet.

Is there any particular amounts anyone would like, ie: vitamins, minerals etc.?