Considering Blue Buffalo or Nutro Ultra - looking for a health toy breed formula

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Flicka ~ CGC

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The Wellness Small Breed Toy Breed is the same size as what she's been eating. In fact, it looks identical to her old food except that it's a little darker (and it smells better I think). I started introducing it a few days ago and so far so good! happy dance

Thank you for all the great suggestions!
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I realize you've started on Wellness but I'll throw in my two bits dancing

Benny has been on Nutro Ultra since I got him and he's done really well on it. He's a healthy weight, has a healthy appetite and has a gorgeous coat. I like that its manufactured all in Nutro owned facilities in the states so its got really good quality control for those of us worried about where the food is made and by who.

Hope you find something that works way to go
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