Alternatives to rawhide?

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Spoiled Little- Girl
Barked: Sat Sep 7, '13 6:14pm PST 
I get nervous watching Hazel eat rawhides because she looks like she will choke on it, once she breaks it up into pieces.

Are their any good alternatives? She loves to chew right now, as she is teething. She loves rawhides and I would like to find something similar, in texture and maybe taste?

She does not like nylabones, and she goes through chews very fast. So something that is durable would be great.

Mayor of- Puppytown
Barked: Sat Sep 7, '13 7:22pm PST 
Dweez used to chew up rawhide and swallow it immediately, only to puke it back up minutes later. It was disgusting and I worried about his safety. Now he chews bully sticks!

It's similar to rawhide, but from a *ahem* different part of the animal. It takes him a much longer time to chew through a bully stick (the thicker ones, at least) and he never just swallows it whole. He's also never puked one up. As far as the taste? I think he prefers it to rawhide! I've never seen him go so crazy as when I bring a new bully stick in the house.

Spoiled Little- Girl
Barked: Sat Sep 7, '13 9:02pm PST 
Oh yes! I heard about those, I will have to give them a try big grin

Member Since
Barked: Sun Sep 8, '13 11:12am PST 
Most vets and trainers will tell you not to give rawhide to puppies (or older dogs for that matter). I've linked a couple articles below so you can weigh out the advantages versus the disadvantages. Plus there is a lot of controversy about the product (like you mentioned, choking/chemicals).

Alternatives are bully sticks (safe for puppies and easy to digest), and antler's for older puppies (after they get their full set of teeth). Both varieties are relatively expensive. I usually make one bully stick last a week (I will give it to him to relax then take it away). A bag of six is about 35 dollars. Antlers aren't for aggressive chewers, but they're safer then rawhide.

htt p://www.vetinfo.com/are-rawhide-bones-bad-for-dogs.html#b

Spoiled Little- Girl
Barked: Sun Sep 8, '13 7:40pm PST 
Great, thank you!

Backtalking- sassface
Barked: Sun Sep 8, '13 9:02pm PST 
Bully sticks are a huge hit with my two. Antlers are good options as well. Raw Meaty Bones are great for outside until the meat is stripped off. Otherwise, my petstore started carrying bull horns. We tried one and the dogs love it, didn't have any issues with it. Himalayan Dog Chews are some of my absolute favorites. Initially they are kind of expensive, but they last FOREVER. They don't splinter, no bad smell, don't get all soggy and gross. I had two 9inch ones that lasted well over 2 weeks of practically non-stop chewing from my two. Compared to a rawhide that is finished in half and hour and Bully sticks that take a day.
Scooter,- PAWS

Power of the Paw- for those who- need it
Barked: Mon Sep 9, '13 7:19am PST 
bully sticks or tendons. We have both and prefer it to raw hide too way to go

Do you even- lift?
Barked: Mon Sep 9, '13 11:45am PST 
Another bully sticks fan here, but I would highly advise finding a good online supplier and buying in bulk rather than buying them in the store. All the bully sticks I've seen in stores are spindly and absurdly expensive. I buy all of mine from BestBullySticks.com; they have the best prices/sizes that I've found.

Herpaderp-apotam- us
Barked: Mon Sep 9, '13 1:26pm PST 
Here is my new favorite place to buy bully sticks:


$2 for a 12 inch buffalo bully stick. Can't beat that.

Since Hazel is a small dog, here is a link to the 6 inch bully sticks:

http://www.petflow.com/product/petflow/petflow-natural-bu lly-stick-6-dog-chew

99 cents!

Play hard, sleep- well.
Barked: Mon Sep 9, '13 6:37pm PST 
Try bully sticks. I have heard that some brands smell terrible and stain. So you might not want to feed them on your carpet...

Also, you might not want to feed them after you find out what they are. It's disgusting.

Antlers are a good option too. They don't chip or break, last quite a while, and won't break your dog's teeth. They can be expensive though.

I haven't used any of these products personally, these are just things that I have learned from other dog owners.
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