Need to reduce % of fat in diet...

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Barked: Sat Aug 17, '13 9:50pm PST 
I need to reduce the fat percentage in my dog's diet but I do not want to switch is food. He is currently feed Canine Caviar Chicken and Millet ALS. It is 27% protein/16% fat. The vet says the fat percentage needs to be at 12% or lower. I have tried other food but he has done the best on Canine Caviar so I am very reluctant to change. I have never had a problem adding in extra protein. Is there anything that I can added--say canned proteins or home prepared meats--to lower the fat? Is there a calculation that can be done to determine an amount?


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Barked: Sun Aug 18, '13 5:47am PST 
Why does the fat percentage need to go down? Just curious is all because that doesn't seem very high.

Diluting the food with meat could lower the fat percentage, but you'd have to use something real lean like chicken breast or venison. Chicken breast has about an 8% fat content.

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Barked: Sun Aug 18, '13 2:55pm PST 
You could mix cooked chicken breast with cooked millet and substitute for some of the kibble. That ought to save some fat. ND isn't working and I cannot tell you how much of this could be put in without unbalancing the diet or even how much it would change the fat and protein levels. Usually you can substitute 25-50% of the calories of an unbalanced homemade diet for a good kibble without issues. Calories, not bulk or weight! All I came up with was using 100 grams of CC with 1 cup of boiled chicken breast and 1 cup of cooked millet is about 800 calories and 11.8% fat by dry weight and it is about 50% calories from kibble and 50% from the fresh food. I rounded off the calorie count of the kibble, it is 141 grams and 599 calories per cup and counted 100 grams as 400 calories but did do the math to figure dry weight fat content of the mix. This would be far more calories, calcium and phosphorus than Max needs but I don't know about zinc and all that as CC doesn't list it on the basic site, if 12% fat is okay then go for it.

If your dog has pancreatitis please take it easy transitioning back to a normal diet.


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Barked: Mon Aug 19, '13 12:19pm PST 
Thank you for the information! My dog may have an eye condition where it is recommended for him to be on a lower fat diet. The eye vet has recommended reducing the fat. But this dog does amazing on the Canine Caviar and I am reluctant to change the food. But I will consider it it is the best option for him. He has no GI issues...thank goodness.