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Barked: Sun Jun 2, '13 7:07pm PST 
Hi everyone!
Background: I have a 4 year old, 105 lb, American Bulldog. He is mostly white, therefore he has pretty bad allergies- including corn. I give him shots weekly (they flare up this time of year) and feed him Nutro, Grain-free, Lamb and Potato formula.
Problem: I can only find this food at PetSmart and they are usually out of stock when I need it- which is often! I am strongly considering changing his food- a STRESSFUL task for me!! In doing research, I have found myself more concerned and disgusted with the manufacturing process than informed on which food is best for my baby!!

Can anyone help lead me in the right direction or have any suggestions?!


Life is better- with Sheltie- love.
Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 7:55am PST 
Here is a list of all the grain free foods I like/recommend:

Taste of the Wild
4Health grain free
Wellness CORE


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Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 8:13am PST 
Nutra source pure vita grain free salmon and potato


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Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 9:51am PST 
Have you considered auto-delivery? We use Blue Wilderness formula and the only place in our area that carries it is Petsmart. We went online and found another place that carries it for less and just have it delivered every 4 weeks so that we never run out. We can also change flavors whenever we want as long as we decide a week before the delivery date. Good Luck.

Barked: Fri Jun 7, '13 11:21am PST 
If this food is working and a switch will cause you stress, why not buy 2 bags at one time, so that you are always ahead by one bag?
Lucy Belle

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Barked: Fri Jun 7, '13 11:32am PST 
I currently feed my 3 Earthborn Holistic grain free. In the past, we have fed Fromm, Taste of the Wild, Blue Buffalo, Nature's Variety, Infinia and Nature's Logic. We stopped TOTW because Diamond's many recalls scared me. However, I think all of these brands are good. My dogs really love EH though, and as a bonus, it is the least expensive. I get ours at a local store, but I know it is available online too.
Lady- (1999-2013)

Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 10:09am PST 
Horizon Legacy is a very good food too. The only problem is that you might have to order it online from places like petflow.com. I get it locally, but Horizon is a small company and there are not a lot of places that sell it.

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Barked: Thu Jun 13, '13 9:30pm PST 
Can you go to any other food store? That's a pretty popular brand so you might have better luck finding it at other stores? Maybe a smaller store would be willing to order it for you? It would be a shame to change if you've found something that works thinking

100% Doofhound
Barked: Thu Jun 20, '13 7:14pm PST 
I've been ordering Earthborn Holistic online. My dog likes it, and my mom-in-law's two picky ankle-biters are warming up to it slowly. I can get it semi-locally if need be, but I have to drive 40 minutes. Typically I order it from Amazon and get free shipping.

Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 2:50pm PST 
We put Koda on Blue Buffalo. He is very active and needed a grain free, high protein diet. He loves it, though I think he is going through a growth spurt as he is very lean but muscular, and eats 5-6 cups a day. He is also very active. I like this food, and I think it would be a good switch to another grain free food.
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