No idea what to feed my dog

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Barked: Tue May 21, '13 4:08pm PST 
How is your baby doing on the Nutro Natural Choice Venison now??

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Barked: Wed May 22, '13 11:01am PST 
I hope you've found something that works! I'm blessed with an iron stomach...so far.... Just a quick note about factories (full disclosure, my mum works for Nutro) Nutro manufactures all its foods in Nutro owned factories in the US, no part of the production is outsourced to other plants. I eat the Ultra Puppy formula big grin

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Barked: Thu May 23, '13 3:32am PST 
Thanks everyone for following up. I have been adding Healthy Kitchen's Perfect Form mixed with some canned pumpkin to his Nutro Natural Choice Venison and things got a lot better. Due to a mix up with delivery, my new bag of Nutro has not arrived so yesterday morning he had Nutro mixed with TOTW Salmon and for dinner it was all TOTW with perfect form and pumpkin. He did great on it despite the quick switch. This Perfect Form stuff is amazing though I can tell he hates it it. I have lots of the TOTW from early when this all started and his stomach probably hadn't healed enough to handle anything. I may try their Bison and Venison line which has some chicken meal and I am a little concerned he has a poultry problem but I guess I will find out. Nothing wrong with sticking with the TOTW seafood if needed. The big bags of TOTW will cost less than Nutro Natural Venison which IS a concern as I am disabled and have 2 dogs to feed (and a 16 year old daughter). Eventually I hope to phase out the Perfect Form slowly becasue he really doesn't like it. I think on the right tract now. I am so lucky #2 dog can eat anything. She likes everything and her poops have been (pardon the grossness) photo worthy on TOTW Salmon seafood or whatever they call it. So, my guess is I will end up feeding TOTW--one type or the other, possibly with pumpkin and hopefully without Perfect Form in the long run. I have always fed just one food for a dog's entire life and hope to be able to get back to that; but these days formulas change, recalls happen, etc. I don't trust whats in HUMAN food these days so really who knows what we are feeding our dogs in kibble. Thank youa ll so much (and if you have an opinion on my post about protein levels in dogs I'd love some feedback there)hail


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Barked: Thu May 23, '13 1:59pm PST 
Whenever treatment for intestinal problems includes antibiotics, like Flagyl, it kills the good bacteria as well as the bad.
In time the system can right itself. But it can be uncomfortable and unpleasant for all until it does.

You can help speed things up by adding a spoonful of plain, low-fat cultured yogurt to his meals.
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