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Shelter Dog - allergy issues

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Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 4:06pm PST 
We adopted "Dixie" from the SPCA about a month ago. All tests came back clear (except stool tests which I keep forgetting to collect and submit).

Dixie is a Vizsla/Wippett cross. She is about 1 year old, by veterinary estimation.
She has a somewhat flaky, itchy coat. She poops excessively (4-6 times/day) and has been having continued poop accidents in the house over the past 3 weeks.

She is an anxious dog and is afraid to poop outside and is afraid of the dark (she hates going out to toilet at night). We take her out once every hour and she gets plenty of excercise (2 hrs/daily walks/runs). She will poop in the house within minutes of coming in, even after an hour outside walking.

She poops 4-6 large BMs daily, even thought she is only on 1.5-2 cups of kibble. We were combining home-cooked & supplemented with kibble (to enable us to travel and tent-camp with her). However, we've cut out the cooked in an attempt to try and control the poop quantity and "accident" issues.
We are feeding Petcurean "Now" Grain-free adult formula. Our pet shop is suggesting that there may be an issue with absorption leading to the excessive pooping. She is not overfeeding and does not gobble her food.

So ... suggestions re: foods to try next? We thought that we had chosen the best one. frown

Oh - FWIW, Raw feeding is not an option that we will consider as we have small children in our home and because we back-country camp (raw meat doesn't transport well unrefrigerated and would attract undesireable wildlife - think bears!).


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Barked: Sat Apr 27, '13 4:54pm PST 
How heavy is she? Perhaps it is more food than she needs.

If she has a steady weight on the amount you are feeding try to cut back 25% to see if poop quality improves. If that works it works right away, even the following day you will see better quality poop. She could be a super easy keeper and not need as much food as you are giving her.

I tried to fatten Sassy up by increasing the size of the meals and all I got was lots more poop and a very happy dog - not a fat dog. If you do need to put weight on then adding a meal worked for Sassy.

Barked: Sun Apr 28, '13 8:47pm PST 
The amount you are feeding is recommended for a 80lb dog, so I would try feeding 25% or so less, as Maxwell suggested. You could also have a look at the Go! formula, instead of the NOW.


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Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 6:25am PST 
Yeah and the NOW is pretty low in fiber too. My one beagle pooped quite a bit on Taste of the Wild. He would poop 4 or 5 times a day too. We changed him to another grain free food and now he's only going 3, sometimes 4 times.

Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 9:11am PST 
The fiber level in the NOW is comparable to other foods at 3.5%. Generally increased fiber increases stool volume, however it does depend on how much is soluble or insoluble, or fermented.

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Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 9:59am PST 
Sorry are right...I meant to say that the 3.5% fiber wouldn't cause a lot of stool so I meant that was lower in fiber in that regard, but is considered normal at 3.5 fiber
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Barked: Mon Apr 29, '13 10:02am PST 
are you trying to fatten her up? If you're feeding a food that's way processed you tend to get more poops.

I feed jake and Sweetie I and Love and You dog food and i get only 2 poops a day per dog some days or just 1. depends on the day and how much excercise they get.

I feed raw too 2-3x a week as my pocketbook will allow. the other 4-5 days they get ILYs' dehdrated raw and kibble.

You could also try a different food.

On TOTW jake would take 4-5 massive poops a day. on BB only 3-4 and on Authority i got liquidy cow patties 2-4 times a day.

if you're trying to fatten up add rice and oils to the meals. that's how i got weight onto Sweetie.

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Barked: Thu May 2, '13 5:07am PST 
Jake, interesting...I had the same reaction to TOTW and I am now on the BB, grain free....going 3-4 times a day too laugh out loud