good companies for on line dog food ordering?

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Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 7:37am PST 
hi everyone! I need reviews on wag.com, doggiefood.com, and chewy.com for ordering dog food. doggiefood.com seems to be the cheapest. thanks!
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Barked: Mon Mar 18, '13 9:54pm PST 
i've never tried it but i heard good things about www.petflow.com

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 3:45am PST 
I use wag.com and love it. Not only are the prices good, and free shipping over $50, but they also do a rewards program thing. You get 5% of your order off of your next order everytime. It's like having a coupon for every time you order. Their shipping is excellent too. I usually get what I order the very next day smile

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 4:27pm PST 
I've used Wag.com and want to continue using it because I get a 5% credit toward future food purchases. I go through a LOT of food so that's a good incentive to stick with them.

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 6:26pm PST 
wag.com because they have Stella and Chewy and ValuePetSupplies for bully sticks, but Wag.com is truly amazing with speed of order. If you put in an order right now...9pm, it will be sitting on your porch tomorrow afternoonsmile

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Barked: Wed Mar 20, '13 7:53pm PST 
I looked into wag.com but they didn't have Tyson's brand so I can't help you there. I do know that the food Tyson is on, Good Life, has ordering directly from their website that seems like a pretty good deal. I honestly love my local pet store. They give me a credit through the company same as you get on wag.com. I know Amazon does ordering too. smile can I ask why you want to order online?

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I always get my Collie food from Doggie Solutions there doing offers on Fish4Dogs food at the mo!big grin

Barked: Sat Apr 6, '13 7:05pm PST 
I've been using PetFoodDirect.com for the past couple of months and love it!
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Another good place to order online is chewy.com. They have great service.