Considering Blue Buffalo, Food Opinions?

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My dawgs have been eating a somewhat unhealthy brand up to now, from what I understand Blue is a better quality and not a whole lot more $$$$ than the supermarket menu...opinions on switching? Sophie is about 60lbs finicky with possible allergies and Callie is about 50lbs and eats anything that doesn't run away and even then...puppypuppy
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BLue Buffalo is expensive Sophie. I'd go with TOTW if you want a "cheap" high quality food.

I used to feed Jake TOTW (Taste of the Wild) prior to feeding raw. But it gave him such nasty gas. It would take paint off the walls and make you cry uncle ew. red face And they were all creepers and silent killers. You wouldn't know they were there but bam in the middle of traffic jake will let one go.

But not anymore. I feed raw. Feeding jake on raw is about 30 month for me. A little more then what i paid to feed him Instinct Raw Boost food. *highly recommend Nature's Valley brand foods. A little expensive but worth it for me.).

If you want to go grain free then Blue is a good food but TOTW is a cheaper costing but equavlent to me of blue buffalo and you can get it online pretty good. It comes in many flavors.

If you're not concerned about grains i've fed Innova for Jake also when it was on a good sale and i was tight for cash. He enjoyed it very much and it was reasonably priced.

I hear good things about Solid Gold foods but i believe they recently had a recall or were linked to the Diamond Food recall. not 100% sure but it was in my notes on why i didn't buy that food before switching from Innova to Instinct Raw Boost.

I can also recommind Nature's Valley foods. They're pretty well priced i believe. I've never fed them but i know they make a lot of different types for dogs with allergies and such.

Just beware the gas when feeding some of the higher protein foods. IT can be quite rank.

Good luck! cheer

** Oh also consult this website if you want to compare dog foods he does a pretty good job big grin


I feel he's objective and you can read "actual" users of the foods comments. And it even has some foods and food toopers the i've never heard of but indeed are real foods you can purchase online.

Good luck big grin

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness is excellent food. All the flavors contain chicken fat though so if your dog is allergic to chicken you'll need a different brand.

When comparing cost, don't just look at the price per pound of kibble. Compare the feeding guidelines as well. 3 cups of Blue Wilderness may be equivalent to 5 cups of the other stuff. Premium dog food has a relatively higher digestability than the lower quality food (you'll notice a decrease in waste, that is smaller poop).

Prey-model raw is even higher in digestability than premium kibble so it is even lesse poop. This means the dog is efficiently digesting his food.


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I have fed my pups Blue Buffalo's regular and Wilderness formula's both for several years now and they love it. I have looked into Solid Gold and some of the other brands mentioned in "Jake's" post and they are either not available in my area or are more expensive than Blue Buffalo so pricing and availability depend on your area. We have had absolutely no issues with the Blue Buffalo at all my pups do great on it. I do agree it is not the right food for every dog but if your dogs like it,do well on it,it is available in your area(we auto ship but sometimes it doesn't arrive when the last bag is empty,so we have had to buy some to tide us over until it does on occasion)and it fits your budget,go for it.wishes

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