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Sepploks- Yanuk

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Barked: Wed Feb 27, '13 5:00pm PST 
In all the years sleddogs have been a center in my world I can honestly say I've never, in the hundreds upon hundreds of dogs I have fed a raw/mixed slurry diet to, seen the diets cause aggression, even when we occasionally had a rancher bring us a downed cow and put the entire carcass into a large pen with 7 Huskies and let them have at it, aside from an ocassional resource guarder (who would be promptly removed from the pen never to have that opportunity again) I've not seen aggresion caused by a well designed and administered raw diet. That said, I HAVE seen:
Siezures brought about because of a calcium absorbtion issue in sighthound decendent alaskan huskies I had, I had to adjust phosphorous and up calcium to increase absorbtion to clear up the issue.

In commercial diets I've seen soy heavy foods cause aggression in mollosers who didn't take well to the artificially induced spike in their estrogen production brought about by the soy.

Weight problems (dogs getting too thin) because owners weren't sure how much of what to feed and they fed too many dairy based and vegetable based things and caused deficiencies.

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The only negative is the uncertainty of providing a full, well balanced diet if you are doing homemade. You need to find the right recipe that provides the right balance of all needed nutrients. Packaged raw diets still adhere to the nutritional requirements set by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Many home recipes do not. Your dog cannot get a balanced meal by eating nothing but raw chicken or beef with a few haphazard veggies thrown in.
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