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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '13 6:30pm PST 
My dog, Lucy, is about 7 years old now. (Not really sure on exact age) She is about 50 pounds. I am currently feeding her Nature's Domain Turkey recipe but it seems her coat is really dull, she is really flaky, has tons of oil come off when you pet her, and she is also really gassy! I have switched foods a few times but it seems nothing really works or is too expensive. I have tried taste of the wild...horrible results...Wellness Core and that was alright but it is sooo expensive!

I was thinking of home cooking but don't know that I can do it since I have no where to store the food.

What kibble would be the best solution, do you think?

I am thinking to stop with the poultry and go for maybe beef or lamb?
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Barked: Sun Feb 10, '13 7:46pm PST 
Have you looked into feeding some raw foods? Also, adding fish oil, coconut oils and apple cider vinegar to the diet can help with the coat and skin. Has your pup had her thyroid checked? When the thyroid is off (hypothyroid) the skin, coat can look terrible, greasy but at the same time flakey and dry.
I am a big fan of raw feeding and have seen dogs totally change after being on raw or even supplementing if you cannot afford total raw feeding.
I bet the raw food forum posters can really help suggest some foods to try.
Have you also tried Acana or Origen? We love these diets too.

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Barked: Mon Feb 11, '13 11:29pm PST 
Madison-Ashley is right. There have been lots of dogs that showed positive results when their diet was shifted to raw food. You can try that one out as I noticed you haven't tried feeding your dog raw yet.

You could also go for homemade dog food. You can actually buy those stainless steel canisters to store in your dog food as plastic may let in some bacteria.


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It isn't all or nothing. You could supplement the kibble to see if that helps her skin. Look through this site to see if something seems right to you.

Look at adding fresh foods to kibble and supplements first. She may need more omega 3 than some dogs and perhaps your kibble isn't providing enough. She could need more moisture or protein or fat that could come from some hamburger or stewed chicken or scrambled egg mixed in.

If Wellness Core seemed to be a good choice but too expensive perhaps it was that mix of proteins and carbs that suited her. Try to find another kibble with those ingredients next time you need kibble.

Any change will take time. I know Sassy stopped having anal sac issues on home cooked chicken and rice but it took me months before I realized that.