New puppy not eating

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Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 1:51pm PST 
We recently found a pointer mix puppy on the side of the road. We haven't found her owners yet, and are considering keeping her. We found her in the evening on 1/15. She is older (we are guessing anywhere from 5-8 months), so she has just been eating the TOTW we had for our dogs. She loved it and ate plenty until last night. She ate some pieces of cheese for training at about nine last night but ignored her usual dinner. This morning she still wouldn't eat it. I mixed her dry food with some 4-health canned food we have had in the cupboard for a while and she hardly sniffed it. I can't think of anything she could have eaten that would male her sick. Any advice? I am getting worried!
Mitchell- Rapp "Black- Ops"

Barked: Mon Jan 21, '13 9:09pm PST 
I would consider getting her to the Vet if anything else to make sure she is not ill, the reason I am saying this is because she was eating fine for a few days and all of a sudden she does not want anything. I would think that if she was eating everything else but the TOTW I would not be too concerned and give her something else but she doesn't want anything.
Just to be on the safe side have a physical done. Also not being able to know much about her past so it would be nice to get a vet to look at her, maybe bring a fecal too.
We always tell clients that they know their dogs/cats better than we do so if they notice a change from the pets normal behavior such as not wanting to eat, not playing, lethargy, just not right please bring them in for an exam. If all is well than great if not then we can figure out what is going on.
Best wishes and I hope everything is ok with your new pup.dog
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Barked: Tue Jan 22, '13 4:52am PST 
I agree...I would wonder about parasites, something to make her not want to eat or just plain makes her feel bad. I would take her to the vet to get looked over way to gohug


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Barked: Tue Jan 22, '13 6:08pm PST 
Thanks guys! She ate fine this morning and seems fine. We actually found her owners, but they basically are either going to let us keep her or give her away to someone else. They said she has never been to the vet and only had one "puppy shot" at home. If we keep her, she will be going to the vet very soon.